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  1. Yes, that's pretty cool! Good luck
  2. That's pretty cool that you have a paranormal investigation team. Can you actually capture video footage of paranormal activity or are you just looking to scope out areas?
  3. Any videos or images you can post?
  4. Sorry have not use this one. Here's a good video on this whoop for anyone interested.
  5. Here's our quick video review of the Potensic A30W Navigator III FPV Mini Drone. Great beginner drone if you are just starting out or want something inexpensive to fly. Flight by controller and FPV through the Potensic App. This is a Mini RC Nano Quadcopter with Camera, Auto Hovering, Route Setting, Gravity Induction Mode and 500mAh Detachable Battery, Easy To Fly! You can buy this drone on Amazon for $59.99 and also apply a 20% coupon!
  6. Alex


    Might be these apps? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shrc/id1229580117?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ihunuo.unity.wifi.fyd.shrc&hl=en_US
  7. Alex


    Is this the drone you got?
  8. Biggest FPV Compilation 2018 - EPIC Drone Cinematics
  9. What drone is on your wish list?
  10. Welcome to RC Drone Forum
  11. Here's a good read on this: http://www.droneguru.net/license-to-fly-a-drone/ Flying a Drone Recreationally The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has provided clear guidelines regarding pilot license requirements for flying drones recreationally. If you fly your drone indoors, you don’t need a remote pilot’s license and you may not even need to register your drone with the FAA. If you fly your drone outdoors for recreational purposes then you will need to register the device if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds. At this point you have two options for flying your drone recreationally. According to the FAA, you do NOT need to obtain a remote pilot license under the following conditions: You are flying the drone purely as a hobby and for solely recreational reasons. You follow the guidelines set forth by your local community. You keep your drone within a visual line-of-sight. Yield to any and all manned aircraft. Remain at least five miles away from airports and air traffic control towers. Your drone must not weigh more than 55 pounds. You can also fly your drone for recreational purposes if you or someone monitoring you has a valid remote pilot license. The restrictions for such recreational flights are as follows, according to the FAA website: You must register your aircraft as a non-model, unmanned aerial vehicle. You must adhere to the FAA’s Small UAS Rule, Part 107. It is an absolute requirement that if you operate your drone under this second set of rules that either you or someone supervising you has a valid remote pilot’s license. Long story short, if you plan to fly your drone in a field, park, or other area where there manned aircraft aren’t constantly passing through and there is no immediate threat to power lines or people then you do not need a remote pilot’s license, although you will likely need to register your drone and ensure that you are only using the device as a hobby.
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