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  1. In case it makes a difference in the needed components, that is the 260. The ones I bought are the newer tr280. I think the 260 was a kit. They changed some things and released the 280 version. If anyone is interested I got mine for $70.
  2. That's the one. I've decided to go with the Taranus QX7 so I guess what I need is suggestions on a reciever and camera set up that would work on this. The other thing in interested in is GPS but im confused as to what adding that whole system does. Sounds like all the pilot assist programs are flashed to the flight control. Do they require additional GpS unit to utilize all the functions or is that an entirely separate thing?
  3. Hey gang, I’m new to the drone world and need some advice. I decided to get a decent drone after a couple toys so I bought a Swift tr280 tilt rotor pnp kit. im pretty overwhelmed by the options out there as far as controls, gps, cameras etc. what I really need is just some suggestions on what gear I need to get this thing flying that will be compatible with it. It’s a 3s, 4s and has a CC3D flight control. I’ve decided on a Taranus Q7 radio so I need suggestions on fpv gear cam and goggles etc, receiver and gps. im a bit confused on the GPS as far as what’s compatible and exactly what the capabilities are when these are added. I appreciate any help you all could give, I’m totally out of my depth on this.
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