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  3. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts Frsky Taranis X9 Lite Pro review. This new FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Pro URUAV Edition 2.4GHz 24CH ACCESS ACCST D16 Mode2 Hall Sensor Gimbal Radio Control Transmitter review includes unboxing, overview, features, functions & options. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km6-BWMfqdo
  4. I have just bought a Hubsan Zino. When I play the MP4 video files on the PC, some work fine and some give an error in Windows 10 Media Play - "The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file" When I try with the default player I get an error 0xc00d36c4 and in VLC no error but does not play. The video files were taken on the same flight, on the same chip and then saved to the same location on my PC yet some work and some do not. Has anybody had this issue and is there a fix?
  5. Why recommend Skydroid-T12 with your guys? It's Combination of Date Transmission, Picture Transmission and Remote control. - 1 Real dual redundant, double antenna and models design. - 2 12 channels, supporting fixed wing, multiple rotors, intelligent robots and underwater drone. - 3 Mobile APP XAircraft configuration, adopting all one key adjust parameter. - 4 Bluetooth USB double connections, matching powerful ground station APP. If you are interested, please contact me on whatsapp(+86 18682363756) to get more details(Price, pictures, videos). Best regards, Molly
  6. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts Emax Tinyhawk S review. This Tinyhawk S 75mm 1-2S Indoor Micro FPV Racing Drone w/F4 OSD with 25mW VTX 600TVL CMOS Camera BNF review includes unboxing, inspection, binding, betaflight, osd, fpv, Indoor race track & outdoor flight tests. Flight action starts at 20:35 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwYUBLWRnY4
  7. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts SJRC F11 Pro, ZLRC SG906 Beast, SJRC F11, MJX Bugs 4W review - Camera shootout Reveal & Results- Here are the results of the replicated 4 short flights with these great low cost GPS FPV Quadcopter Drones that all have min 1080p HD cameras. Thank you to everyone that responded and said which video they thought was best and as you will see here, the result is very interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nM-OgtE1W0
  8. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts SJRC F11 Pro, MJX Bugs 4W, ZLRC SG906 Beast, SJRC F11 review camera shootout - Which video do you think is best? I replicate 4 short flights with these great low cost GPS FPV Quadcopter Drones that all have min 1080p HD cameras as close as possible in the same weather conditions for comparison, but I do not disclose which video was taken with which drone,…yet. Please comment and say which video you think is best,…Drone 1, 2 , 3 or 4. And,… I will also disclose which video was taken with which drone and the one that gets the most likes, votes or general consensus on this channel in one weeks time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHer6YQLxbo
  9. Antenna compatible with all drone For anyone who is interested in YouTube the process and the share share they like Result Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. how will construct antenna Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts URUAV UR85HD Bushido Cinewhoop review. This UR85HD Bushido 85mm Crazybee F4 PRO 2-3S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone review includes unboxing, inspection, peek under the canopy, betaflight settings, firmware update, binding, OSD settings, camera, dvr & flight tests. Flight action starts at 30:11,…hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr1BWSBBrrQ
  12. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts SJRC F11 PRO Review. This SJRC F11 PRO, 2.7K Adjustable Wide Angle Camera, GPS, 5G WIFI FPV, Long flying time Foldable RC Quadcopter Drone review includes, showing the bag that it comes in, a brief comparison to the original SJRC F11, ZLRC SG906 Beast, MJX Bugs 4W B4W, Camera, Flight, Functions, Features, FPV Range & Flight time tests. Flight action starts at 18: 53,… hope you enjoy watching and find this informative & helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M241gSaqeg0 You can see and watch the 2.7k 2592x1520 pixels @ 25fps video clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVMOh8ZfjO8
  13. Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts NEW VISUO ZEN K1 Review Introduction – Brushless 5G WIFI FPV GPS with 4K HD Dual Camera Foldable RC Quadcopter Drone COMING SOON. Finally a brushless quadcopter drone from Visuo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwUXKMqbjWo Visuo ZEN K1 review introduction.mp4
  14. Hi, suddenly discovered at the age of 49 a love of rc, was playing with my grandsons tiny indoor thingy and fell in love 2 days later after extensive you tubing I bought a goolrc T47 to learn the ropes and have to say it's amazing so i thought I'd better join some forums to find out where to go from here.
  15. To keep camera in place use a 8.5 mm brushed motor geometric cut in half and placed around lens and frame keep mine in place during hard crashes.
  16. Footage filming, review and recommendation by "EAGLE EYES"... Video: This is 2019 current best foldable 4k dual camera drone. The features are just as seen in high-end costly drones. Its $99 offer is a promo entry pricing. Fly safe... And enjoy! Sent from my TECNO F3 using Tapatalk
  17. Hi guys. About to get my first drone but don't know which one to get. I want to be between 200-300$ range. Follow me function will be used most. Hope to get a gimble with purchase but could add later if need be. It will be used mostly to get action shots of us in side by side or quads, or just taking video or photos on vacation. I have been looking at the Holy stone HS 700, Force1 Ghost, MJX Bugs 5w. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  18. The Eachine trashcan HD was a perfectible product for at least two reasons: the presence of vibrations/jellos… and the most dramatic, the weakness of the ESC burning very fast even from 3S. Here is the new deluxe cinewhoop HD machine from Eachine: https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Cinecan-85mm-4K-Cinewhoop-3-4S-FPV-Racing-Drone-BNFPNP-Crazybee-F4-PRO-V3_0-Caddx-Tarsier-Cam-DVR-p-1507266.html Now the 1080p@60 caddx turble V2 FPV-cam combo has been replaced with the new tarsier model. More important we have the V3 of the crazybee F4 based FC!!. This one upgrades ESC from 6A to some 10A (w/ peak @12A). I feel more confident about their durability in 3S…. but in 4S, I can’t guaranty 100% that’s they won’t burn. Anyway, we have a classic whoop structure full TBS/nylon based. The duct system offers some branch division to maximize durability for crashes. The caddx tarsier can be uptilted from the photos. With a nominal weight of 66g… we are close to be twice lighter than the lightspeed model for example. In 3S setup, the total weight is about 91g…. not so so bad for a 85mm machine. Of course, it’s more an outdoors flyer than an indoors. Three BNF versions are proposed: two with some builtin SPI receiver (FrSky non-EU & flysky AFHDS-2A) and with an external TBS crossfire nano receiver for long range FPV). If vibrations are completly removed…. this machine is very interesting. Wait & See of course. N.B. As you noticed…. I slowed down the update of drone-maniac…. one of the reason is main sponsors have mostly stopped to send product to review…. According to them… I am too negative in my reviews. I am honored with such critic :)….. and be sure that I won’t change anything in my attitude. Specifications: Brand Name: Eachine Item Name: Cinecan 85mm 4K Cinewhoop Wheelbase: 85mm Size: 115mm*115mm*55mm Weight: 66g(without battery) Weight:91g(with Original 3s 300mah Lipo battery) Spare parts specifications: Motor Mode: EX1103 KV7000 Configu-ration:9N12P Stator Diamter:11mm Stator Length:3mm Shaft Diameter:Φ1.5mm Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ13.5mm*15.5mm Weight(g):3.7g No.of Cells(Lipo):2S-4S Flight controller (Frsky version) CRAZYBEE F4FR PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FR (Flysky version) CRAZYBEE F4FS PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FS (No RX version) CRAZYBEE F4 PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4DX MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH) Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection) Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM Power supply: 2-4S battery input (DC 7-17V) Built-in 10A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready Frsky version Built-in SPI Frsky receiver with telemetry(D8/D16 switchable) Flysky version Built-in SPI Flysky receiver with telemetry(AFHDS/AFHDS2A switchable) No RX version need to add external Receiver Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control) Built-in Current meter Max 70A Current meter scale set to 470 Built-in 5V 1A BEC Built-in voltage detection Onboard 4in1 ESC MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21 Power supply: 2-4S LiPo/LiPo HV (7v/17v) Current: 10A continuous peak 12A (5 seconds) Support BLHeliSuite programmable Factory firmware: F_H_40_REV16_5.HEX Default protocol: DSHOT600 Frsky NON-EU receiver Version SPI BUS receiver Frsky D8/D16 switchable Compatible Non EU transmitter both D8 and D16 mode Channels: 8ch or 16ch Failsafe support No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 300m Flysky receiver Version SPI BUS receiver Protocol: AFHDS and AFHDS-2A Switchable Channels: 8ch(AFHDS) or 14ch(AFHDS-2A) No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 300m Failsafe support TBS Crossfire version CRSF Protocol , Official TBS transmitter compatible PNP No RX version No RX version support external serial-bus receiver like xm+, crossfire, S-FHSS etc. VTX Output power: 25~200mw switchable Frequency: 40CH Input voltage: 3.3V 5.5V Current consumption: 300mA(type) Antenna: RG178 antenna Frequency: 5.8GHz 5bands 40 channels With Race band Smartaudio ready Weight: 3g CADDX Tarsier Image sensor: Sony sensor 12M, 1/1.8inch, 1/2.9inch Horizontal: 1200TVL TV system: NTSC/PAL changeable Video Resolution: 4K/30FPS 16:9 2.7K/60FPS 4:3 1440P/60FPS,30FPS 4:3 1080P/90FPS,60FPS,30FPS 16:9 720P/120FPS 16:9 Power Input: DC 5-12V FOV: 4K F2.8, 150°(16:9) 165°(4:3) Weight:18g Dimension: Camera 19x20mm / DVR 29x29mm Lens: Dual Lens F2.8/12Mega Audio: Dual Digital MIC CPU: DUAL Core dual system Lipo Battery Capacity:300mAh Voltage:11.4v Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C Instantaneous discharge rate: 60C Size: 65mmx18mmx11mm Weight: 25gConnector: XT30 Features: New Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 AIO Flight controller 2-4s Lipo Compatible Powerful and smoothly Caddx Tarsier 4K Camera & DVR ready Betaflight OSD support ,easy to get RSSI, Voltage ,current from your goggles Camera Angle adjustable VTX power switchable 25mw~200mw Smartaudio ready , change VTX bands, powers, channels via OSD Frsky Non-EU version support NON-EU Frsky transmitter D8/D16 compatible Flysky version support both AFHDS and AFHDS-2A protocol transmitter No RX version support external serial-bus receiver like xm+, crossfire, S-FHSS etc.. Compatible both for 3s-4s Lipo/LIHV Package Included: 1 x Cinecan 85mm Frame 1 x Option1: Crazybee F4FR V3.0 PRO FC built-in Frsky NON-EU RX Option2: Crazybee F4FS V3.0 PRO FC built-in Flysky RX Option3: Crazybee F4 V3.0 with external TBS Crossfire Nano RX Option4: Crazybee F4 V3.0 PRO FC no RX verion 4 x 1103 7000KV Motor 1 x 2 Inch propeller(4cw+4ccw) 1 x Caddx Tarsier 4K Camera 1 x 5.8G 40ch 25mw~200mw VTX 1 x 3S 11.4v 300mah 30C/60C Battery 1 x Propeller disassemble tool 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Bag View the full article
  19. Ok was pretictable… but now we have the avalanche of compact whoop styled machine with the new 4K caddx tarsier camera FPV combo: Here is the 100mm fullspeed model up to 4S: https://www.banggood.com/FullSpeed-4K-TurboWhoop-FSD428-F411-100mm-1200TVL-4K-PNP-BNF-FPV-Racing-RC-Drone-p-1509172.html The main structure is full 3K carbon based except the nylon whooped prop guard surrounding the 1935 props. 2mmm thickness is announced for the main structure… Will be enoght ? … With a standalone weight of 110g… expect a total weight around 160g in 4S… It should be ok at least for the carbon part. For the electronic, A F4 with strong 28A BLheli_S 4-in-1 ESC… No BLheli_32. Motors are 1104/5500Kv. I guess with 1935 short props, the machine will be noisy. The tarsier can be uptiled and the associated VTX can deliver up to 600Mw. All FPV settings can be tweak by IRC tramp. The structure for me should be able to remove most vibrations for the tarsier shooting….Now first feedbacks of the tarsier didn’t impressed me…. the 4K@30fps is not perfectly smooth… color rendition can be better. Of course the firmware is probably not yet enough mature… Anyway…. this machine represents an exellent cinewhoop candidate. With a 4S LiPo don’t expect much more than 4-5min of flight time. The fullspeed is proposed in 4 BNF configurations (crossfire nano, Flysky AFHDS-2A, FrSKy XM+, Spektrum DSM2/X) and also in PNP. Specification: Brand Name: FullSpeed Item Name: 4K TurboWhoopFrame Wheelbase: 100mm Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm Thickness of side plate: 1.5mm Weight:110g(without battery) Flight controller: FSD428 F411 Flight controller built-in OSD ESC: FSD428 28A ESC BLHELI_S 2-4S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 Motor: 1104 5500kv Propeller: 1935 5-blade propeller Camera: Caddx.us Tarsier 4K 1200TVL Dual Lens VTX: FSD TX600 Pit/25/100/200/400/600 switchable VTX(support IRC Tramp) FullSpeed FSD428 F411 Flight controller Size: 27.5mm * 27.5mm * 5mm Mounting hole: 20mm * 20mm MCU: STM32 F411 Firmware: FULLSPEEDF411 Betaflight BEC: 5V/3A Input Voltage: 2-4S Built-in Betaflight OSD FullSpeed FSD482 28A BLHELI_S 4in1 ESC Size: 27mm * 27mm * 5mm Mounting hole: 20mm * 20mm Firmware: BLHELI_S Input voltage: 2-4S Continuous current: 28A BEC Ouput: NO FullSpeed FSD TX600 25mW-600mW VTX FPV Transmitter Output power: PIT/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW/600mW switchable Control mode:BFOSD control(support IRC Tramp)/button Video system: NTSC/PAL Antenna: IPEX BAT: 5V Recommended Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362-5945 MHZ (TX600’s factory set up is on lock mode(5733-5866MHZ unlock). Please follow your local laws and regulations if you need to unlock the frequency.) Size: 26*26mm(L*W),Hole:20*20mm Weight: 2.3g Package Include(BNF include receiver) 1 x 4K TurboWhoop frame kit 1 x FSD428 2-4S 28A Flight tower 4 x 1104-5500KV brushless motor 2 x 1935 5-blade propeller(CW) 2 x 1935 5-blade propeller(CCW) 1 x Caddx.us Tarsier 4K 1200TVL Dual Lens 1 x FSD TX600 25mW-600mW VTX FPV Transmitter View the full article
  20. Thank you Phil P. for taking the time to respond. I certainly am glad that you have had success with your purchase. I'm guessing that you might not be in Australia as I am. Reason I say that is China sees Australia as a dumping ground for Chinese Land Fill. Exactly what the 2 Drones that I have purchased are. With the 2nd. Drone that I bought, I took it to a Seller/Repair guy, and when I was pulling it out of the carry bag, I heard him "Oh no !" He proceeded to pull another 1 of the same drone from under a bench and told me it was his friend's and he's been asked to fix. Unfixable. I have been in a long drawn out communication war with the eBay seller. First he offered me a $30 refund to get it fixed. Then he insisted that I watch a demo vdo that he sent me. Well that was from China and it was very hard to work my way around formatting that so I could watch. Result is that in my set up, I have done nothing wrong. This seller is stalling for time. As of Saturday the 8th, eBay will step in as I have lodged a complaint. Hopefully it will be in the post back to the Seller next Monday for a full refund. It's a pity because these drones are presented well for sale and for traveling. I really wanted it for an upcoming vacation in August and wanted to practice allot to become competent. "Such is life" Again, thank you for taking the time. Regards LeRoy
  21. Hi LeRoy, I am new to the group so am not sure if I have missed a response to your question. I have just purchased a SHRC H1. My instructions have a different step 3 - you push the left toggle forward until you hear a chime then pull the left toggle backwards untill you hear a chime. At this point your controller should be paired with your drone. I also have an additional set of pushing the left toggle bottom right at the same time as pushing the right toggle to bottom left to set up the gyroscopes etc ready to fly. Hope that helps. PhilP
  22. I am new to the drone world and have just purchased my first drone (SHRC H1 - https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_009568898609.html). I have downloaded the IOS app in the documentation, only to find that it is all in Chinese and does not appear to cover all the more advanced functions (waypoint & orbit). Having said that I have connected my phone to the drone's wifi and can get pictures and video working. I have seen a video review of this drone and they used the LW-FPV app, but I can not get that to recognise the connection to the drone. Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong or a different/better app that will work with an SHRC H1 drone? Thanks
  23. Yes, that's pretty cool! Good luck
  24. At this point in time we went with the Bayangtoys for the simple fact of it has not only altitude hold but dual GPS, and a GoPro can be mounted to it. As for the images taken with the drone... we have a specially modified GoPro that can take video and pictures in infrared and full spectrum. That being said the drone will serve for preliminary planning purposes prior to an investigation and possibly dusk shots during investigations as to abide by FAA regulations in regards to night flying. Hope that answers your question... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. That's pretty cool that you have a paranormal investigation team. Can you actually capture video footage of paranormal activity or are you just looking to scope out areas?
  26. Any videos or images you can post?
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