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    Specification: Brand Name: ZTW Item Name: ZTW Flash Series 30A BLHeli OPTO ESC 2-4S Model: Flash 30A Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo Continue Current: 30A FirmWare:BLHeli_S Features: -BLHeli_S, better startup than BLHeli -Support high KV motor and BLHeli REV 16.0 -Autodetect Oneshot 125, Oneshot 42 and Multishot -MCU-EFM8BB21F16 and hardware PWM make smooth throttle response Package Included: 1x ZTW 30A ESC More infoļ¼š http://www.ztwshop.com/product/ztw-multirotor-brushless-esc/
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    ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones More info: http://www.ztwshop.com/product/airplane-brushless-esc/Spider-Pro-esc/