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  1. Just got in my F11 replacement, long story, and now even with the drone about 2' from the controller, it isn't finding the GPS. I can switch to Altitude Mode but not GPS. Thoughts appreciated
  2. Thanks Alex but no to retrieving to drone. The water is probably 20' deep with current under a bridge so the unit is gone. However, working with Ruko CS, they replaced the entire package at about half price so all is well
  3. Was out "playing" tracking a school of fish about 6' off the water when a gust of wind hit it and I couldn't compensate fast enough so guess where it is now - Yup! at the bottom of the river. Where can I get just a replacement R11 Pro + battery at a reasonable price? I have checked Amazon (where I go it) and eBay but nothing. Tks
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