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  1. I did solve the electric fence issue there is a beginners mode in the app for my I phone and it was enabled so even when I was flying without a phone the electric fence was there.
  2. I am new to the drone experience I live in rural Ontario Canada so do not have any no fly zones around me. I bought the sg907 as it is easy to fly. I have enabled something that has put a electric fence area so it goes up 10 meters and out 30 meters. I am not sure how I did that and is there a way to reset it to the factory settings as it went a lot farther before I did whatever i did. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am new to drones and on my sg907 I have enabled something that has put limits on my altitude and distance and do not know how to disable. Is there a way to reset to factory setting on the drone it happens with a I phone connected and without.
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