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  1. I paid $335 in January for the FlyMore Combo. Like new - can't tell it was used except the label on the box for Password was wrong. But password is on the drone, so that wasn't a problem. Came in new box, too. Anxious to find some open space to play: it's like a flying computer with all of the features.
  2. This is a great, inexpensive drone!. I just bought a refurbished one, the fly more package, on eBay. I just wish there was more open space to get used to it. San Diego doesn't have much that isn't developed or fenced off, and there are a lot of airports. I may have to drive to the desert so I can play with it and not be afraid of crashing into something or getting stuck in a tree.
  3. My drone doesn't transmit wi-fi, so I can only control it with the remote, can't use the app. It's a E68 Drone 2 and should have wi-fi and use the JY UFO app. But the wi-fi doesn't appear on my phone settings. I opened the drone up hoping to find a loose wire but everything is soldered except for the camera wires, and they were firmly connected to the wires to the circuit board. Who can refer me to some type of business that could check the circuit?
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