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  1. Yep! Completely agree with you, though at first gaze, drones seem to be a futuristic technology, in some countries, they are widely used not only for making professional aerial footage. Very soon, drones will change our world. Right now, they are wisely used by armies, firefighters, rescue crews, etc. As for the delivering of packages by drones, I heard that very soon, the drone delivery will be real in Dubai. I read this information in this article https://www.aeromotus.com/news/drone-delivery-in-dubai-myth-or-reality/ I think it will really be great, when you order anything online, you will
  2. I didn't use any other products except for DJI CrystalSky Monitor. I bought it because it is really not convenient for me to shoot in sunny weather. This is a must have tool for any user, flying DJI drones. I bought mine from https://www.aeromotus.com/product/crystalsky/ and I don't regret about my choice. The monitor has an ultra-bright screen. Thanks to it, it is not a problem anymore to shoot in sunlight. The monitor works with the DJI Go 4 app. It is really easier to control a drone using this monitor. As for the Ronin 2, I didn't use it, but I heard positive feedback about this dev
  3. I am also a new drone pilot, so just now searching for useful pieces of advice. Thanks for the information!
  4. thought about the possibility to buy this drone... good review, thanks!
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