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  1. This quad looks amazing and is really powerful. here is a review and a collection of videos about it: http://flyfpv.info/arfun-90mm-review/
  2. Thanks Alex. They don't make it easy to follow do they! It looks like we are ok for now.
  3. HI Alex, Do you know anything about he rules in the UK? It would be good to know if I need ot register anywhere.
  4. HI doctorJohn, Did you get a replacement and did it fly better? I'm looking at micro quads at the minute and tbh they seem to actually be around the same proce as a lot of the toy type drones. Have you looked at the Eachine e010c which costs around £30 and is pretty cool.
  5. Hi BobsEdge, What are you hoping to achieve with the camera? Like do you just want to record better video or do you want to actually fly using the camera (FPV). It makes a big difference and its worth considering that WiFi will be very laggy for flying by.
  6. Thanks for this post Alex. What are your thoughts on starting out with the micro drones like the tiny Whoop and the QX series from Eachine or going straight to the bigger ones if you want to get into FPV flying? Thanks Phil
  7. I received this quad yesterday and so far I am really pleased with it. I am coming from a beginner point of view so I haven't got into all of the tuning and I have noticed that it is very twitchy and feels quite powerful compared to the toy quads that I have previously been playing with like the Hubsan H107D. I am disappointed to here that its lacking but the reason that I got this one opposed to another like the qx95 etc is that I had bought the newer Flysky FS-I6s transmitter and it turns out that it does not support the older AFHDS protocol which is the only option on all of the QX ser
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