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  1. Thank you Phil P. for taking the time to respond. I certainly am glad that you have had success with your purchase. I'm guessing that you might not be in Australia as I am. Reason I say that is China sees Australia as a dumping ground for Chinese Land Fill. Exactly what the 2 Drones that I have purchased are. With the 2nd. Drone that I bought, I took it to a Seller/Repair guy, and when I was pulling it out of the carry bag, I heard him "Oh no !" He proceeded to pull another 1 of the same drone from under a bench and told me it was his friend's and he's been asked to fix. Unfixable. I have been in a long drawn out communication war with the eBay seller. First he offered me a $30 refund to get it fixed. Then he insisted that I watch a demo vdo that he sent me. Well that was from China and it was very hard to work my way around formatting that so I could watch. Result is that in my set up, I have done nothing wrong. This seller is stalling for time. As of Saturday the 8th, eBay will step in as I have lodged a complaint. Hopefully it will be in the post back to the Seller next Monday for a full refund. It's a pity because these drones are presented well for sale and for traveling. I really wanted it for an upcoming vacation in August and wanted to practice allot to become competent. "Such is life" Again, thank you for taking the time. Regards LeRoy
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