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  1. I have recently purchase 2 drones from eBay. Both being the " SHRC H1G RC Drones x Pro 5G With 1080P HD Camera GPS WIFI FPV Foldable Quadcopter AU " With my first purchase, I could not work out how to get past the instruction manual of Tune the Remote and the Drone which you are required to do before anything else. There are 3 steps. (1) Turn on the Drone {did that} (2) Turn on the Remote controller {did that} (3) The manual and the video's that I've watched say, push the LEFT toggle fully forward until you hear a chime. {did that = No chime } Then pull the LEFT toggle on the remote fully back until you hear the 2nd. chime. {did that = NO chime}. That manual at this stage say that the drone is ready to fly, however you are required to Calibrate to the SatNav positions. In the YouTube video after the 3rd. step, it demonstrates that the Rotors are spinning. That's the Video. Didn't happen with my drone. With allot of correspondence with the seller on eBay, the Drone was returned for a full refund. At this stage, I searched another eBay Seller for the very same Drone. The 2nd. drone arrived last Friday, 31st May 2019, and I have the very same problem. I can only get to stage 3, nothing happens. This indicates to me that I don't know what I'm doing and possibly the manual (made in China) [but written in English] could be incorrect. Photo 1 is this stage of my manual. Can someone please assist with me and this drone. It would be greatly appreciated if someone who knows of this particular Drone to give me a step by step instruction if I'm doing anything wrong. I have been in touch with this 2nd. eBay seller and his response is he requires me to send a VDO of my set up process to his private email address. However, I have taken a VDO and when I get to stage 3 of this manual, and the drone does NOT fire up, this VDO is 237MG in size, and my server won't let me send a file that big. Hoping someone can help me. Frustrated LeRoy
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