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  1. I recently purchased an Eachine Trashcan but unable to bind it to my Taranis QX7 radio. The lights are blinking fast on the whoop and the bind button does nothing. I have tried every bind command I can find and betaflight just says unknown command. When I type help, there is no bind command listed. It’s the latest version of BF so maybe I’m doing something wrong. I hate that I have a brand new quad and have spend hours trying to bind it. Can someone give me the exact CLI command? Or better yet, help me understand why my lights flash fast and not the normal slow blink?
  2. I recently purchased a 75mm eachine trashcan whoop. I am attempting to bind it to a Taranis QX7 radio. When I click the bind button on the whoop, it initially was blinking slow but now is blinking much quicker and I cannot get it to bind to my radio. I have attempted to flash it, bind D16 and D8, all unsuccessfully. Has anyone experienced this before?
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