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  1. Hello! Brand new to the forums here and excited to educate myself on drone usage, certification, and flight. Long time surface RC enthusiast that's making the leap to air.
  2. Hello - Long time surface RC enthusiast here, but total newb to RC flight / drones. I've been mulling purchasing a drone for a couple years now, and I think it's finally time to take the leap. My intention is to use the drone primarily in a recreational manner, but I've also been doing some research on commercial applications such as Real Estate marketing. It looks like my first step should be to find or enroll in a local or online course to obtain my remote pilot certification, Part 101 and Part 107? I have a lot of questions and was looking to get feedback from folks here about the best way to proceed. Should I purchase the drone and get some flight time first? Is it even legal to fly a drone prior to certification? (There seems to be some blurry areas here) Should I dive right in and do the course and get certified first? Recommendations on a drone that is "forgiving" to learn on, but will allow me some good overhead as I advance and gain skills? Ok, thanks in advance for any feedback and recommendations. I appreciate the help! ~Mike
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