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Brinc and Incubio Launch Reimagine Drone, Barcelona’s First Dedicated Drone Services Incubator

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New startup incubator Reimagine Drone located in Barcelona looks to grow the international drone industry. 


Reimagine DroneBarcelona, Spain – December 6, 2016 – Last month emerging technology hardware accelerator Brinc announced the launch of Reimagine Drone, the first drone services incubator program based in Barcelona.

In partnership with Incubio, a leading big data startup accelerator, the program will serve as a global platform for leveraging the use of commercial drones to unveil a new generation of services and applications disrupting categories, including virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 drone user experiences, data analytics, computer vision, surveying and mapping, deployment systems, and more.

The program will be overseen by the Brinc Technical Head of Reimagine Drone, Heriberto Saldivar Massimi, who will work with startups to develop applications in a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, mining, insurance, videography, cinematography, oil & gas, and utilities.

Heriberto, both an aerospace and a mechatronics engineer, has developed autonomous vehicles, aerodynamics and engines, and was most recently with Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s High-speed Therm-fluid and MAV/UAV Laboratory, where he developed software to help design the next generation of space vehicles and planes.

“At Incubio we offer a global startup ecosystem combined with strong curriculum and continuous training to offer the entrepreneurs in our program access to the resources they need to rapidly create a business,” said Simon Lee, co-founder and managing director of Incubio. “By partnering with Brinc, we can now give entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their hardware startup but without knowledge of Asia the depth of expertise that comes from an accelerator with locations in Hong Kong and China and a compelling opportunity to develop, validate, and build a drone services business in Barcelona.”

The deadline to submit applications was supposed to be November 25, but it looks like the application window has been extended, since the ReImagine website still shows applications as open. Once applications close, the first batch of semi-finalists will be entered into a 2-month pre-accelerator program, which will run at Incubio and consist of a combination of a customized online Lean Startup curriculum and in-house technical support, training, and mentorship. During this time the semi-finalists will also compete to be one of three finalists for the incubator program starting in February 2017.

The three finalists announced in February 2017 will go on to participate in the incubator program where, in exchange for 6% equity, they will receive access to the latest drone prototyping tools and technology, 5,000 pounds ($6,368 dollars) in financing to cover costs, mentorship from IT, legal and accounting professionals, free housing in Barcelona, 200 hours of specialist time to refine execution, and opportunities to exhibit at The Drone Show and pitch at the Internet of Life Summit. The program will culminate with a demo day on May 31, 2017.

“With Brinc’s accelerator platform located in the center of manufacturing that is the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and collective experience working with entrepreneurs from all over the world, from concept to commercialization, we can’t wait to join forces with Incubio to  combine our platforms and offer startups the education and resources traditionally reserved for companies located in Asia to build the next generation of drone based services and applications,” said Manav Gupta, CEO and founder of Brinc.

The three finalists ultimately selected in February 2017 for the incubator program will receive:

  • €50,000 ($63,680 dollars) at the end of the program for those who demonstrate the most traction
  • €5,000 ($6,368 dollars) up front, to cover costs
  • Access to the latest drone prototyping tools and technology
  • 200 hours of on-demand, one-to-one support on key aspects of their business
  • Multiple points of exposure in Europe and in Asia, with the opportunity to exhibit at the Drone Show BCN in March 2017 and pitch at Brinc’s Internet of Life Summit in April 2017 in Hong Kong
  • The opportunity to network with hardware investors in Asia and meet with the local hardware ecosystem, including government and manufacturers, during the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows, such as HKTDC and Global Sources
  • The development of marketing strategy, research, and materials through Reimagine Drone’s in-house research center
  • Highly-customized support to help successfully build a go-to market strategy and test it

For more information visit reimaginedrone.com. To apply (while applications are still open) go to https://www.f6s.com/reimaginedrone or email incubator@reimaginedrone.com for more details.

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