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TEST: RealAcc GX210, the new “cheap” Acro-X racer reference ?

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RealAcc is probably a new brand or division from Eachine and indirectly from Banggood. Maybe like XK is for WLtoys, RealAcc will represent the deluxe products division. Here with the RealAcc GX210, a have a pure X-design acro FPV machine with BLheli_S multishot compatible 20A ESC, a SPF3 board and strong 2205 motors…. All ingredients for a compact 220mm beast machine. The FPV part is done with a 700TVL camera & 40CH 200mW VTX. Let’s have a closer look to this bundle. Notice this product is also proposed with a Naze32 or CC3D boards.



+ 1 x RealAcc GX210 (with a 3S 1500mAh LiPo with XT60 connector)
+ 1 x Transmitter (using 4xAAA batteries not included)
+ 1 x Charger
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 1 x Carbon prop wrench
+ 1 x Battery carbon protection plate
+ 2 x Pieces of foam
+ 1 x Bind plug
+ 1 x 5.8G cloverleaf antenna


An 210mm X-design with a central double floors carbon elements … Here standoffs between the two floors are 35mm long largely enough to jail PDB, FC and receiver inside the protected room. The top floor can welcome an action cam which be tilted of 35-40 degrees approximatively. All elements are 3K carbon based. The lower main plate welcome also the 3mm arms. It means if you break one arm, you have to replace all the lower element.



The left side welcomes the microUSB port. It means than the SPF3 board is flipped of 90 degrees (don’t forget this fact if you flash a new firmware). All UART connectors are free… It’s clear, no OSD are connected. We can guess the PDB with the metallic casing covering/cooling the FET associated with voltage regulator. a +5V and +12V are provided on each side respectively. I advise to conver wires and pads with liquid electrical tape to avoid any short or electrical shock accident.


The default OS is CleanFLight 1.12. Be aware for beginners, only the acro mode is preset as flight modes…. It’s strongly advise to set channel 5 with the Switch C for the radio to have the possibility to have 3 différents flight modes.


Here are my personal Betaflight (3.0.1) settings


Be aware, the max uptilt angle of the FPV camera is partially limited by the rear camera connector. You can increase by push front a bit with hand the FPV camera…. but be aware the camera connector, especially wires connected to it can be damaged versus time by multiple tilting.


By puching the camera, the max tilt angle can reach around 40 degrees so more adapted for agressive FPV flights.


Notice small O-rings are installed between standoff and screws to isolate (a little bit) the FC from vibrations. A nice positive point.


The receiver is connected to the FC via old-school PWM cables…. Why not a SBUS/iBUS FlySky compatible received instead ? More the 6th channel is not wired. The free servo plug completly on the left is the bind one to attach the bind plug.


Individual 20A BLheli_S compatible ESC are zip-tied on each arms. They can be updated super easily via BLhelisuite via the Cleanflight passthrough mode. They are flashed out of the box with the 16.2 version.


With the Cloverleaf attached


The carbon plate must be installed to protect the lower part of the battery. The two pieces of foam taped to protec the upper battery side from screws


Non-programmable LEDs are simply taped on the lower arm section


Strong blue lights for front and red for rear


At each arm extremity, a 1.5cm piece of foam is installed as landing gear. In practice since the battery height is greater, they are not useful for landing.



428.5g total weight… versus 472g for example for the Eachine Wizard X220… close to 50g lighter….



One good positive point. Installed motors are 2205 type announced to be 2300kV from RaceStar (I guess a Eachine division for parts). They are obviously stronger than classic 2204 motors usually installed on other 200-220mm machines


In practice, extra power will be added

Shaft are 5mm of diameter


Two red CW (for CCW motors) and two black CCW (for CW motors) nuts are given.

Props are none-BN 5045 model


If you want extra power, you can advantageously replace them by tri-blades BN 5040 for example…


A super classic 1500mAh 3S LiPo… but only 25C for discharge rate. We could expect directly a 4S LiPo…. for this beast. This battery is exactly the same than Eachine model


Camera module

A 700TVL CMOS camera intalled on titable camera mount. A rear button can select either NTSC or PAL format (default is PAL)


Raw video footage

Unfortunatly, some little Jello are here …. ? the camera mount need to be modded a bit (jailing the FPV cam with foam for example) to remove extra vibrations. Anyway, lights transition handling is correct for a CMOS camera (a good WDR) and colors vivid.

FPV transmitter

A 200mW attached bottom the upper plate. A single button to select the Vfreq if pressed shortly or the frequency band if long pressed. Two small red lights indicate the current band and frequency selected.


A 90 degrees connector is directly soldered on the VTX



A classic Flysky FS-i6 radio supporting he AFHDS-2A protocol.


Comes with three 2-way and one 3-way switches. Stupidely, Channels 5 & 6 are assigned to the pots. Set them to the switch C & B respectively (see unboxing’s video)

The Transmitte failsafe configuration is not done out of the box at least for the throttle channel (CH3). For beginners, I advise to use Switch A for D/R at least for CH1 & CH2.


First of all, the first impression that comes immediatly in mind is “whaoohh so stable machine in acro” no occilllations, bounceback pheonomenas…. a real pleasure. Even in 3S this machine is super strong thanks to 2205 motors and 50g minor grams. The FPV offers a good 120degees of FOV.. not to large, not too narrow IMHO. At take off, at low RPM… some little jello can be noticed… Mostly mid-flight and in acro flight mode, there are almost none noticable … Except after my “hard” landing … where a ton of jello appeared despite no damged props, motors have been noticed. The FPV camera mount is definitively the center of some oscillations. Probably adding some foam elements could help. Flips and rolls are so easy to practice…. like in simulators. Punch out in 3S are great. In 4S with tri-blades prop configuration, I can’t imagine how beasty will be this machine. No problem to carry an extra runcamHD/möbius cam.


Probably one of the best “cheap” RTF acro machine available in the market. Clearly advanced pilots oriented, the GX210 is a concentration of power. All main elements are top level at least for ESC, FC and motors. We can probably regret the absence of a 4S battery directly, a CCD FPV camera and for sure at least a builtin buzzer. Yes the GX210 is even more powerful than the Eachine Wizard X220



+ Strong and super smooth 20A BHeli_S ESC
+ Strong 2205 motors
+ SPRacing F3 board
+ 4S compatible
+ Close 50g lighter than other 220mm competitors
+ X design more adapted for full acro performances


– No builtin buzzer
– PWM receiver. 6th channel not wired (AUX2)
– Presence of Jello in FPV signal
– Max Uptilt angle (partially) limited by the rear camera connector
– No OSD
– No 4S battery included directly

RCgroups review thread: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2763896

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 197USD at http://www.banggood.com/Realacc-GX210-CC3D-Naze32-F3-FPV-Racer-RTF-with-700TVL-Camera-40CH-VTX-p-1091154.html

Cet article TEST: RealAcc GX210, the new “cheap” Acro-X racer reference ? est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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