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TEST: Furibee Geniuser 160

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As you probably already know, Furibee delivered a good sequence of excellent brushless FPV racers: from compact 1S setup up to 230mm and more. Here is a new candidate in the 160mm category with the Furibee Geniuser 160. With this racer with have a full carbon based racer with an elongated X-design. The electronic elements are also up to date with a F4+OSD flight controller, 28A BLheli_S/Dshot600 ESC 4-in-1 board 4S ready, 1506/3400KV motors. The FPV rig is also on top with a 5.8G 48CH VTX able to switch between 25mW/100mW or 200mW. More the FPV camera is a clone of CCD Runcam Swift model, only 600TVL but with an excellent light sensitivity and WDR. Let’s now discover this new serious candidate…



+ 1 x Furibee Geniuser 160
+ 1 x 5.8G Pagada antenna
+ 1 x USB charging cable
+ 1 x Battery strap
+ 1 x Anti-slicing band
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 1 x Wrench remover tool
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)

The wrench tool is crucial to install props.


Two bags of 3″ props…. A black set and another transparent.



From the first contact, you can feel that the Geniuser 160 is a durable and rock solid….. Everything is in carbon, 3K based. The general design is not a strict X shape but more elongated in the x-abscisse. The general quillity build is above the average… That’s a good start.

The main lower plate is 3mm model super strong…..


linked with aluminium standoff to the 2mm upper plate.




The main three layers tower. The central is the F4 one with the microUSB port. Betaflight 3.2.0 is pre-installed and well tuned out of the box except for the OSD informations where by default every elements are displayed polluting the screen.


The lower one is a 4-in-1 28A model with peak up to 35A!!!!. No problem to support 4S and probably more. There is also a 3A/5V BEC… so largely enough to power the VTX rig and the receiver.

For the top board, it’s a 5.8G 48CH VTX with one unique button. There are two row of lights: one blue associated with the Vband selection and the green with the Vfreq. Each combinaison are coded in binary over three light digits.


Short press to cycle between the 8 Vfreq inside the current Vband…, Long press more than 4s to switch to the Vband selection… then cycle between Vband by short pressing….. Wait a couple of seconds the selection. Finally press and hold more than 10S to select one of the three output power of the VTX between 25mW, 100mW (default) and 200mW. In VTX power selection mode, both the green and the blue light become solid.

Notice the position of the 5.GG antenna, directly exposed to a crash…. At least the antenna is not directly connected to the VTX but via a small coaxial cable.



Two LED lights surrounding a buzzer is installed.




The compact FrSky D8 receiver is installed. The bind button can be pressed directly. In another hand, the receiver blocks the two VTX light information rows.



A little bit less than 160g standalone…. With a 500-600mAh 4S LiPo you can have the machine under the 250g limitation.


Motors and props

First important remark, it’s super hard to install and fasten perfectly the 5″ props into the main 5mm shaft. The prop thread don’t offer any free room to an easy installation. You will need to use the wrench tool while blocking the motors with hands…. It requires handy force and will hurt your fingers.





Camera module

The camera is a CCD model, a direct clone of the Runcam micro swift …There is a possibility to install an OSD cable to tune some parameters. By default, the language is chinese. The camera offers a FOV of 120 degrees and sensivity around 0.01Lux.



The lens can be oriented up to 60 degrees approximatively.


On the right, the free 2-pin connector where to plug the OSD cable.



Super easy to access to the main electronical tower. Just remove the four top M2 hexscrews.


Both the VTX, camera and receiver are connected via connectors… A good point for maintenance or for example to swap the actually basic FrSky D8 receicer to another more advanced with better range and telemetry feedback (a FrSky XM+ for example)


The OSD cable plugged.




First positive observation, out of the box, most important elemements are well tuned in betaflight. i.e the SBUS receiver on UART3 and the Dshot600 selected. PIDs are default from BF 3.2.0. The two rear Lights also are pre-configured to stay solid. Only the OSD presents a problem where all possible OSD informations are displayed inviding completly the screen. Basically, as unique fine tuning required is the the optimization of the OSD layout. Unfortunatly the FrSky receiver don’t send any RSSI or Vbat by telemetry…. More no RSSI on the 9th channel as well to display the RSSI on the OSD…. That’s a drawback.

As you will be able to see, the FPV signal is cristal clear…. sharp and precise…. No interferences coming from a bad VTX… That’s great.

Even more…. absoluptly no jello can be noticed… it’s super smooth ….. I tested in 4S setup with a 500mAh LiPo…. The machine can carry a larger model. A 700-800mah represents a good tradeoff. In angle, it’s stable and drifts are super small. In 4S… the machine starts to hover from 30% in throttle input. ….It’s impressive… You can feel a lot of power from your finger’s extreminity….. Punch out are just insane !!!!!! OMG 🙂 I like this machine …. It’s screaming loud !!!! Well everything is not perfect, the performances of the current receiver is basic…. It’s strongly recommanded to swap if for a more powerfull model… With a 4S 500mAh LiPo I observed a flight duration about 3min15 in average……


It was long time I didn’t been dispointed by a machine …. and it’s the case for the Furibee Geniuser 160… It’s a durable solid, powerfull machine with a great FPV rig able to carry a small Mobius Mini on top. It’s a great acro flyer very fun to fly with. No real negative point except maybe the basic FrSky D8 pre-installed for the BNF…. (should be replaced with a better model).


+ Great flyer
+ Solid & durable
+ F4 with OSD
+ Good CCD FPV camera
+ Jellofree
+ Powerfull motors
+ Switchable VTX output power
+ Well tuned out of the box


– FrSky D8 receiver without RSSI
– Props hard to install
– Antenna stem exposed
– OSD badly configured

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Gearbest in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 159USD at https://www.gearbest.com/brushless-fpv-racer/pp_1432178.html

Cet article TEST: Furibee Geniuser 160 est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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