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TEST: iRangeX IRX4+ external RF multimodule

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The iRangeX IRX4+ is nothing else than the new revision of the super popular Banggood 4-in-1 multimodule dedicaced to all radios able to receive an external radio module at least in PPM mode.
Here, the iRangeX IRX+4 welcomes the revision 1.2 of the board. We still have the possibility to select up to 31 different protocols via the dial button located rear or even more protocols if the communication between the radio and the module can be done via a serial link. This second way is clearly only compatible with all modern radios supporting OpenTX 2.2. Thanks to this module, you can transform a lot of radios into quasi-universal radios.



+ 1 x iRangeX IRX4+
+ 1 x 5.8G linear antenna
+ 2 x 2.54mm jumpers
+ 1 x 4 pins 2.54mm header row
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)



The module comes with a high quality plastic casing… super easy to clips into any recent compatible radios via the 4 pins serial connexion.




We have a central yellow dial to select up to 31 protocols divided into a first batch of 15 protocol and a second set of 16. On the right, a miniUSB port to update the builtin firmware.
There are also two lights. The red left one shows the powerstatus as soon as the multimodule is used. The right left one indicates in which protocol bank e are currently. When the light is off, we can select a protocol from 1-15. When turned on, protocols from 16-31.


To cycle between protocol banks for PPM connexion, you need first to install the dial in “0” position, then press & hold the bind button while powering the radio during 3-4s.


The full list of protocols


The 4-in-1 multimodule is the main one with the metallic shielding. On the top left, four free pads to welcome the pin header provied. A small soldering job is required.


Below, the BOOT0 pads to be jumped to flash a new bootloader.


The IRX4+ comes with the board in version 1.2 compared to the 1.0 for the original Banggood product.


The module works flawless out of the box in PPM mode. For some protocols, you will need to manually bind by press & hold the bind button while turning the radio. For some other, the protocol is defined with an antobinding so … you just need to turn on the radio. The yellow dial is small and the “0” reference should by highlighted with a marker pen.

As long your radio got a recent openTX release, the module can talk with the radio in serial mode if the the dial is in “0” position. You must first turn off the internal RF module and select the “MULT” external module option as soon as the OpenTX module is flashed with the “multimodule” option. With the serial connexion, more protocol are available as sub-options some others.


Definitively, the must to have external RF module… Compatible with ton of radios at least in PPM. Clearly the module is super great to use with OpenTX and a serial link. A Higly recommended product.


+ Support both PPM & serial connexions
+ Compatible with a lot of existing radios
+ Dial protocol selection for PPM connexion
+ Mini-USB port for more easy fimrware upgrade


This radio multimodule have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 36.5USD at https://www.banggood.com/IRangeX-IRX4-Plus-2_4G-CC2500-NRF24L01-A7105-CYRF6936-4-IN-1-Multiprotocol-STM32-TX-Module-With-Case-p-1225080.html

Cet article TEST: iRangeX IRX4+ external RF multimodule est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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