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TEST: FXT FX-805 OSD, 600TVL 1/3″ CMOS 25mW 40CH AIO w/ OSD

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The FXT FX805-OSD is a new light AIO FPV camera combo now including a builtin OSD. The camera is based on a 1/3″ 600TVL CMOS camera while the VTX is based on a 40CH 25mW 5.8G solution. The introduction of a builtin OSD represents a nice alternative/upgrade for any light machines with non-builtin betaflight OSD chips. Of course don’t expect the same amount of OSD informations as for a betaflightOSD chip but basic information such as the battery voltage, the elapse time, current Vfreq and the call sign.


+ 1 x FXT FX805-OSD
+ 1 x Camera support
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


The FX805-OSD comes with the camera support pre-installed. a molded support offering a +15 degrees orientation.
Actually the camera only used NTSC format. The light sensitivity is about 1Lux so far from the 0.01Lux obtained with best CMOS camera.


A linear antenna is prefered. The lens in M7 format offers about 120 degrees of Field of View.



Paradoxally, it’s not a true 40CH but a 37CH. 3 Vfreq are missing for the Boscam Band E… Why ???


The module has two couples of wires, one to be connected with an input source from 2.7V up to 5.5V and the second to control the Vfreq and OSD tuning from the radio via PWM connexions with the flight controller.


The sillicon wires are long and add some extra weight. I regret the absence of a small JST 1.0mm connector for the PWM connexions. It would save the PWM wires if you are not interested by the PWM controls.



With shorter wires, probably close to 1g can be saved.




The FX805 runs even with super low voltage input so no problem of brownout. One unique button to control the Vfreq (if shortly pressed), the Vband selection (if pressed more than 2s) and the OSD configuration (as soon as your press the button more than 5s). The OSD configuration menu mainly tunes the layout of each indivudual element to be displayed. Good news, you can also turn on/off the display of each element. Very important, you can calibrate the Voltage displayed on the OSD

The builtin Vreg stage filers out very well any interferences coming from brushed motors for example. In practice, the light sensitivity is correct … colors a bit dull … but the general FPV range very acceptable for a 25mW module ( ~ 100m). As you can see as soon as the voltage drops under 3.5V, the voltage display blinks.


The introduction of a builtin OSD is a very nice feature for compact AIO modules. From now, you can monitor at least your current Vbat and the ellapsed time, two important informations for the health of the LiPo. Actually sold around 40USD… twice more expensive versus the non-OSD version…. We can hope the price will drop fast


+ Good FPV camera
+ Basic but important OSD informations
+ Configurable OSD layout
+ PWM controls (Vfreq, OSD)
+ Represent a nice AIO upgrade for none-betaflightOSD machines


– No connector for PWM wires
– 37CH not 40CH
– A bit expensive

This AIO FPV module have been courtesy provided by FXT in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 40USD at https://www.banggood.com/FXT-FX805-OSD-600TVL-NTSC-125-Degree-AIO-5_8GHz-25mW-37CH-Raceband-Camera-Vtx-Combo-Built-In-OSD-p-1195292.html

Cet article TEST: FXT FX-805 OSD, 600TVL 1/3″ CMOS 25mW 40CH AIO w/ OSD est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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