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TEST: VIFLY R220 M2, the perfect 220mm brushless racer ?

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VIFLY is a new FPV racer compagny who introduced first a 220mm brushless quadcopter machine the R220. Here it’s the second revision of this machine, the VIFLY R220 M2. It’s relatively simple, they upgraded all the electronic elements. From a F3 omnibus to a F4 version with OSD, from 25A ESC to 30A model BLHeli_S/Dshot600 compatible, from 2205/2300kv motors to some 2205/2600Kv and now the FPV camera is a CMOS 700TVL model with better light sensitivity coupled with a 40CH VTX with three output power options. The chassis is also improved, especially the VTX’s antenna connector is much more better protected from crash. The machine got a metal structure protecting the LiPo and can be used as camera mount. Two version can be found, a BNF version with either a FlySky (AFHDS-2A) or FrSky (D16) receiver and a RTF with a FlySky i6 radio. Let’s have a look to this new racer.



+ 1 x VIFLY R220 M2
+ 4 x Props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 2 x Allen keys
+ 4 x Landig pads
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)

For the BNF version, the accesories are very limited. No spare props for example and the instruction manual has important missing information. i.e. for example the frequency list table for the VTX.


The general shape is an H for this 220mm machine. Two 3K carbon plates of 1.5mm of thickness linked with a super strong nylon pastic. The frame look super durable. All the electronic elements are completly protected from crash and water intrusion inside the chassis.



The look is nice and well aerodynamic. Small originality the main battery XT60 connector is installed front just behing a 3 digits displays. This latter display the current selected Vband/Vfreq during 2s then the current Vbat alternatively. The central FPV camera can tilted with an angle superior to +90 degrees 🙂 So absoluptly compatible with ultra agressive FPV flight sessions.


Two rows of white light are installed… relatively well visible in daylight conditions but won’t allow you night flights, they are not strong enough.



The battery cage is large, no problem to feed it with a 1800mAh 4S LiPo (and probably a little bit even a 200mAh).


On small negative point concerns the battery strap. It’s relatively hard to super well fasten the strap with the battery installed with this upper matallic bar blocking the installation. The right side shows two microswitch buttons, a serial port and the microUSB port for a betaflight future connexion


The left micro button is the bind button for builtin FrSky D16 receiver. It’s super easy to keep it pressed while plugging the XT60 to enter into the bind mode. Nearby a UART port for a potentially GPS connexion for example.


Finally the microUSB port and the VTX microswitch labelled “CH”. Here the 40CH are not subdivided into 5 Vbands as usually. You will need to cycle inside the 40CH…. so statically, you will need to press 19 times to pick up your favorite one.


With a 1300mah 4S LiPo, the battery cage look half-filled… but be aware with a super large model to not be too heavy with. A 1500mAh 4S models offers a good 5min of flight time.


Here are the dimension of the battery cage. On top, a GoPro camera can be directly installed





The two antenneas of the diversity FrSky receiver are installed horizontally on the rear part. I don’t find this location ideal… I would prefer more vertically.



The cloverleave antenna is well protected by the battery cage. More the stem is blocked by a system in order to avoid all the stress of a crash to be spread on the SMA connector… Good news, you have a DVR port where a small external DVR module can be install to record your FPV session in a clean way without any transmission glitches.


As you can see, the VTX’s connector is out of a direct crash contact.




The 3 digit display shows the current Vbat… It’s a super great feature to check the remaining level of battery. Of course, one say since you have this information on the OSD it’s useless.


At least, you have displayed the select Vfreq. Unfortunatly the letter don’t correspond to the classic nomenclature of the Vband. For example the Boscam band E is noticed as d here.



The 1.5mm lower 3K carbon plate. The foam pads can installed for landing



Close to 600g with a 1300mAh LiPo… so even close to 700g with a GoPro camera and its support… 4S is a must to use in such conditions.



The 2205/2600Kv brushless are branded directly by VIFLY and well protected inside the main structure.


5mm of shaft section.


What’s a pity than 6″ props can’t be installed. Only 5″.. Since the ESC are rated 30A, it should be very interested to install some triblade 5040 model.


It’s rare when a BNF machine comes with almost no problem… and well configured out of the box and it’s the case for the R220 M2 version. The binding is super easy in D16 mode unfurtunatly without any RSSI feedback for telemetry or for the OSD. The F4 omnibus is flashed with Betaflight 3.1.7 the last official one with some little optimization for both PIDs and rates. IMHO, the rates, especially the yaw is too fast… Since the 6-axis stabilization chip is connected via SPI, you can push the main loop up to 8Khz. Flight modes are well configured also out of the box. Just a minor detail for the AUX2 assignation for both the buzzer and the failsafe. By accident you can stop motors midflight if you turn in the corresponding switch. It’s better to remove this option IMHO.

In the field, with 4S battery, punch out are pretty good :)… No problem to carry an action cam. The machine flies superbly, no spefiic bouncebacks with stabilized flight modes (angle/horizon) and no increasing drift was observed. That’s pretty good. In acro the machine is insame… It flips/rolls super fast and the machine is super fun to fly with. With the 200mW setting (Long press the CH button until to see P01 then short press to read P02 then validate by long press one more time), the FPV transmission is great. The light sensitivity and the color rendition of the FPV camera is also pretty good for a CMOS camera. No jello observed and even during major punchouts, just very small trembling can be observed. Small PID/filter optimization will remove them completly. With a 1500mAh, flight times are about 5min in average. I crashed it several time without any damages. The robusness is confirmed. Generally, I much prefer the R220 M2 versus the Eachine X220S for almost all points: more powerfull, more robust, better FPV camera without jello.


As you already understood, I can highly recommend without problem this M2 version of the R220… One of the best cheap BNF/RTF 220mm brushless racer available without any major drawbacks…. I just regret the absence of RSSI information for the FrSky D16 receiver. Maybe will be fixed in a future batch of the M2 or in a M3 revision.


+ F4 Omnibus FC w/ OSD
+ Strong 30A BLheli_S/Dshot600 ESC (4S compatible)
+ Great flyer
+ Strong and durable frame
+ Powerfull in 4S
+ Betaflight 3.1.7
+ FrSky D16 w/diversity
+ Good FPV system
+ Three VTX output power
+ Vbat/Vfreq builtin display
+ Protected VTX connector
+ Superior to the Eachine X220S


– FrSky RX w/o RSSI outpyt
– No spare props
– Not 6″ props compatible
– AUX2 assigned to buzzer and failsafe
– No Vfreq table in the manual

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by VIFLY in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 219USD at http://www.viflydrone.com/r220m2.html

Cet article TEST: VIFLY R220 M2, the perfect 220mm brushless racer ? est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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