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TEST: Boldclash F-08, AIO FPV camera with DVR

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Since the introduction of the TinyWhoop, AIO FPV camera meet a huge success mainly due to their ultralight weight where lightest model can be under 3.5g !!!. In general the AIO integrates a CMOS basic FPV camera with a 25mW 5.8G VTX. The Boldclash F-08 add in the system a DVR recording the video signal in higher resolution. Advertiszed resolution promised videos in 720p resolutions !!!!



+ 1 x Boldclash F-08
+ 1 x Cable 1.25 miniJST male-male connector
+ 2 x Spare 5.8G linear antenneas
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


Look like a classic AIO module, but a bit more wider and tall …. The lead connector cable is a 1.25mm but with female connector !!!! It’s clearly oriented to be connected to the Bwhoop B-03 Pro. It’s direct plug and flight.


The rear side now integrates an extra chip associated with the DVR



Notice the iPX connexion free pads. So if you want, you can solder directly the iPX/uFL male connector for a fast antenna connexion.


Actually, the antenna is directly soldered rear


The lens thread is in M7 format


The lens offers a Field Of View of 120 degrees so not too wide for outdoors or not too narrow for indoors.


23mm width!!!! it’s close to 10mm larger than classic AIO module. It means this module can’t be installed into narrow carbon frames.





5.3g without the extension cable and microSD card.



Modding the Bwhoop B-03 pro with the F-08


Row video sample


As you can see despite being recorded in 1280×720 resolution, the native resolution is far from this high-res. IMHO, the original resolution is more a 840×480, so slightly higher than D1 PAL format. Notice also than recordings are automatically split into 3min files.


For the FPV section, the range is good, no problem to exceed 100m despite the linear antenna. The light sensitivity is a bit weak, not ultra bright in shadowed zone. The associated light sensitivity should be around 1 Lux minimum. The good news are concerning the DVR part: No frame rate drop or extra latency can be reported when the recording is turned one. IMHO, it’s because, it’s a pure analog camera format… so time lost to convert from a digital to CVBS format. It’s a far better result versus the Eachine DV03 for example. The sound is not recorded in DVR files and not transmitted in FPV signal as well. Last remark, the module is warming a lot !!!! After 10s, it goes above 45-50 degrees celcius. It’s hot… When the Lipo goes below 3V, the module shut down.


Clearly the F-08 represents a first step to a super ligthweight AIO-FPV-HD-DVR combo. The mission is not fullfilled in the sens that recordings are not truly 720p but interpolated from a VGA+ resolution. At least no frame rate drop or extra latency is introduced and IMHO it’s the more important/better technical choice. What we can expect later ? A FPV camera with a better light sensitivity and and obviously higher native resolution. This module is ideal for me for compact microbrushless racers.


+ 5.6g grams combo
+ Compact
+ Good FPV range
+ No frame rate drop in recordings
+ No extra latency in recordings
+ Filter well motor’s interferences
+ Can work down to ~3V
+ iPX/uFL connector can be installed


– No true 1290×720 native resolution
– Warming a lot
– Light sensitivity can be better (~1 Lux)
– Can’t be installed into small H frame structure
– Sound not transmitted/recorded

This FPV-cam have been courtesy provided by Boldclash in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 29USD at http://www.boldclash.com/boldclash-f-08-dvr-5-44g-vtx-camera-fpv-aio-p34.html

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