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NEWS: Eachine DustX58 (35g 1S brushless FPV racer, F3+Builtin FrSky D8, 4A BLHeli_S/Dshot600)

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You dreamt of an ultralight but solid brushless indoors racers ? Probably the miracle will be come true soon with the new Eachine DustX58: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-dustX58-58mm-FPV-Racing-Drone-BNF-with-F3-4A-Blheli_S-D-Shot-600-5_8G-48CH-VTX-p-1143432.html

A 60mm machine announced to turn around 35g with the battery !!! thanks to the ultralight 0703/20000Kv motors. For such weight and KV we have a 1S setup coming with a 450mAh. ESC are 4A (peak 5A) model… maybe they can handle 2S input probably not motors. At least they are BLhel_S/Dshot600 ready :). We have a kind of minicube with lower 4-in-1 ESC board and a upper F3+builtin FrSky D8 receiver. No other recever choice is announced. The main X structure and the prop guard are carbon based !!! Great for durability. I can’t see any builtin OSD chip and buzzer …. probably the weakest point I see with the original design (at least the buzzer). The FPV rig is based on a 25mW 48ch AIO CMOS camera. No information about the expected flight time too. Well I of cource asked to review this tiny beauty…. I want it already :).










A thin but carbon based prop guards !!! that’s great 🙂


25g without battery and the total weight is announced to be 35g with battery !!!! impressive …


Brand name: Eachine
Item name: dustX58 FPV racing drone BNF
Wheelbase: 58mm
Package size: 183*163*77mm
Weight: 150g (included the package)
Take off weight: 35g
Weight of the drone: 25g (without battery)
Bottom board thickness: 1.5mm
Carbon ring thickness: 2mm
Motor: 0703 20000KV motor
ESC: 4A 1S Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC D-Shot 600
Propeller: 40mm 3-blade propeller
Camera: 5.8G Wireless Camera with 5.8G 48CH NTSC/PAL video transmitter
Flight controller: F3 Flight Control Board Built-in 8CH SUBS Receiver for X9D Plus
Battery: 1s 450mAh lipo battery

F3 Flight controller:
Size (PCB): 21×21 mm
Weight: 1.4g
1.7g ( including antenna)
Built-in SBUS Receiver for Frsky X9D Plus
SPI: ICM-20608-G Accelerometers and Gyroscope
Mounting Hole: 16x16mm, M2
Can support current, voltage monitoring
2.4G Receiver
Channel: 8CH
SBUS Output
Control Range: 200m

4A 1S Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC D-Shot 600:
Size(PCB): 21x21mm
Mounting Hole: 16x16mm , M2
Weight: 1.35g ( not including cable)
Firmware version: Blheli_S
Input Voltage: 1S
Con.Current: 4A
Peak Current(10s):5A

Programming: YES
D-shot 600 ready in default
Support D-shot150, D-shot300, Oneshot125 and Multishot

5.8G wireless camera:
Frequency band: 5362-5945MHz
Channel customer: 48
Modulation type: FM
Channel SEL: Touch Switch
Channel Indicate: CH1~CH8 Channel indication with 8LEDS and A~F frequency group Indicate with 6LEDS
Transmit power: 13±1dBm
Frequency control: PLL
All harmonic: Max -50dBm
Frequency Stability: ±100KHz (Typ.)
Frequency precision: ±200KHz (Typ.)
Channel Carrier error: 1dB
Antenna Port: 50 Ohms
Input format: NTSC/PAL
SENSOR: PAL:720X540/NTSC:640X480 1/4ÿ
LENS ANGEL: H:120°/V:100°
Base-band interface: (P1.27*2)
Power consumption: 200~215MA@5V DCIN
Supply Voltage: 2.9-5.5v
Operating Temperature: -10?~+60?
Profile dimension: 14.5mmX12.2mm+14.5mmX12mm


Package included:
1* Eachine dustX58 58mm frame kit
2* 0703 20000KV motor CW
2* 0703 20000KV motor CCW
1* 4A 1S Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC D-Shot 600
1* F3 Flight Control Board Built-in 8CH SUBS Receiver for X9D Plus
1* 5.8G wireless camera with 5.8G 48CH VTX NTSC/PAL video transmitter
1* 1s 450mAh lipo battery
1* camera mount
2* 40mm 3-blade propeller CW
2* 40mm 3-blade propeller CCW
1* charger
1* antenna

Cet article NEWS: Eachine DustX58 (35g 1S brushless FPV racer, F3+Builtin FrSky D8, 4A BLHeli_S/Dshot600) est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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Reay to power your Eachine dustX58 now?   New arrival Tattu 3.7 v 450mah lipo battery  is designed for small-size FPV, especially for Eachine dustX58.

Tattu Professional LiPo Battery; Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials. Quickly Recharged, Long Cycle Life (150 times minimum), up to 200Wh/kg energy density


  • Minimum Capacity: 450mAh
  • Configuration: 1S1P / 3.7V / 1 Cell
  • Discharge Rate: 75C
  • Max Burst discharge Rate: 150C
  • Net Weight(±20g): 14g
  • Dimensions: 53mm Length x 19mm Width x 20mm Height
  • Connector Type: Molex-51005
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