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Yuneec Announces Livestreaming for Its Breeze Flying Camera Drone

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Yuneec just rolled out a new livestreaming feature for its Breeze camera drone that allows pilots to stream on Facebook, YouTube, or their output of choice.

Last year we did a write up about the Breeze when it first came out. Its stand out features at the time were that it could be controlled from a mobile device; that it had autonomous flight; and that it allowed for instantaneous social media sharing.

Oh, how far we’ve come since then! It’s amazing to look back just a single year and see that some of the advances in the industry make 2016—even in April of 2017—look like ancient history.



Livestreaming with the Yuneec Breeze


The Breeze is already one of the top drones with a camera on the market. The new livestreaming feature gives the Breeze an edge on the competition, and helps Yuneec continue to secure its place at the table in the camera drone market battle.

Here are the livestreaming details:

  • New feature on Breeze Cam App, available on iOS and Android
  • Stream in 720p HD
  • Instant interaction with audience
  • Facebook, YouTube, RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) compatible
  • Video recording via Breeze drone
  • Audio recording via mobile device
  • Ability to name live stream recording

The Breeze is controlled by a smartphone through the Breeze app (available in Android and iOS); you can also fly it with a dedicated controller FPV kit.

Yuneec Breeze Live Stream

Use Cases, Or Who’s Driving Whom?

The drone industry is one of those special places where technology drives user intent, instead of the other way around that.

That is, now that we can livestream from drones, it’s a safe bet that new use cases will start proliferating for livestreaming from drones. The creation of Samsung’s Gear 360, which was popularized in part by Casey Neistat’s HUMAN FLYING DRONE video, is another example—we’re sure to see lots of innovation come from that new technology as well.

Or look at the way that developments in gimbal technology has led to new uses for camera drones that would never have been considered before the technology existed. The gimbals on drones are so good now that you sometimes see cinematographers carrying a drone in their hands to get a smooth shot instead of using more clunky methods, like body-mounted steadicams.

And heck, look at what Robert McIntosh is doing with FPV technology and camera drones, which certainly wasn’t the original reason this tech was invented—check out this video, which won in the “Freestyle” category at the New York City Drone Film Festival this year:

The point is, we don’t know how livestreaming will be used just yet, but there are sure to be new use cases, and it will be exciting to see the creative ideas people come up with for using this technology.

It seems like we’ll probably have people sharing personal sporting events (think of your son’s little league game being livestreamed for your parents thousands of miles away, or maybe your friend’s skateboard tricks at the local park being streamed on Facebook). And we’ll probably have people streaming video selfies on vacation, or elsewhere…but what else will we see?

Let us know if you have a unique use case for livestreaming from the Breeze. We’d love to hear your idea.





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