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Check Out These Leaked Images of the New DJI Spark Drone

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News recently leaked on the web says that DJI is gearing up to launch a small drone that looks like the Mavic Pro’s younger brother.

The drone is called the Spark, and pictures of it first appeared a few days ago on a Chinese DJI forum (the page has since been taken down, or we’d link to it).

Rumors are flying around about when DJI might officially unveil the Spark, and whether it has the same foldable design as the Mavic Pro. We should say that DJI has publicly denied the existence of the Spark, but the fact that DJI has already registered the name “DJI Spark” makes those denials a little hard to believe.

Here Are Some of the Leaked Images

As you’ll see, the Spark looks like it has brushless motors and fixed arms, similar to the Mavic.

The bottom of the drone seems to have sensors facing downward, which may help in positioning, and there’s a panel on the front above the camera that could be hiding additional sensors, which may help the Spark sense obstacles.

dji-spark-1dji-spark-2 dji-spark-3

A Selfie Drone or a Racing Drone?

Based on the images, it’s hard to say, but the internet is buzzing with speculations about which of these two the Spark might be.

Given the Spark’s similarity with the Mavic, which is a great camera drone, it could make sense that the Spark is a selfie drone. But FPV racing drones are also small and nimble, as the Spark appears to be.

The Spark’s camera is mounted on a gimbal that looks noticeably different from the one used on the Mavic. It looks like the camera on the Spark can only tilt up and down, which could also serve to confirm the selfie hypothesis, since it seems like a simple selfie wouldn’t require the same kind of range of motion that a camera drone being used for aerial cinematography might need.

There are still a lot of unknowns here. We don’t know the Spark’s specs, whether it has foldable arms (like the Mavic), what the controller looks like, when the Spark will be released, or how much it will cost—though for the last point, we feel like it’s safe to guess that it’s going to be less than the $1,000 it costs to buy a Mavic.

The Mavic was DJI’s smallest drone yet when it was released. Whenever the Spark does come out, it will now take that claim.

But whether it’s a selfie drone or an FPV drone, it’s a safe bet that the Spark will help further establish DJI’s domination of the market when it comes to remote control drones.

Want to See More Pictures of the Spark?

You go it.







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