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UAV Coach Partners with Loveland Innovations

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CNN recently reported that 770,000 drones have been registered with the FAA in the last 15 months. That’s a lot of commercial drone operators.

And with the proliferation of drones, we’ve had a corresponding boom in drone applications. From agriculture to power line inspections to all kinds of uses for aerial thermography, drones are being used for an array of amazing things, and the diversity of those uses seem to be growing daily.

Here’s a new application: using drones as part of a complete property inspection solution.

Loveland’s IMGING Solution

Loveland Innovations has created an autonomous drone solution made specifically for property insurance inspections, called IMGING.

IMGING is comprised of a web and device app that autonomously pilots an off-the-shelf DJI drone to capture high resolution imagery, and then feeds that imagery into insurance workflows for use in underwriting and claims processes.

The interface was created to be intuitive, and lets you make a flight path prior to doing the inspection so that the drone knows where to scan—and where not to scan. Because IMGING is web-based, these flight paths can be created before arriving on site, or on site right before an inspection.

This is one more application, like cell tower inspections (to choose one among the dozens out there), where the idea makes a lot of sense when you hear about it, and will keep people safer. Instead of sending people onto roofs and into dangerous places, send a drone.

The average residential drone flight using Loveland’s IMGING gathers 50-75 images, with sub 1/10th CMSQ resolution, in less than 15 minutes, making it not just safer, but faster than manual inspection methods.

Loveland’s approach also provides better data than manual inspections. Both insurance companies and building contractors have been using IMGING, and we imagine we’re going to see adoption grow quickly as people hear about this streamlined solution for property inspections.

Our Partnership with Loveland Innovations

Our partnership with Loveland Innovations is simple.

Loveland’s property inspection solution requires certified drone pilots, and we train drone pilots to help them pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test (also called the Part 107 test), and become certified to fly commercially. In fact, over 99% of our students at Drone Pilot Ground School pass the FAA Part 107 exam on their first attempt.

The goal of our partnership is to deliver thorough training on Part 107 rules and regulations for insurance adjusters and contractors who are ready to use drones, but haven’t yet become certified pilots.

“Getting your remote pilot license can sound intimidating, but UAV Coach really makes it simple. Many of our customers are excited to adopt UAS technology in property inspections but have concerns about how to train a large staff of adjusters or inspectors. Drone Pilot Ground School’s program has an outstanding 99 percent pass rate for their students, so we’re confident this is a great partnership to help prepare our customers for Part 107 rules and regulations.”

Jim Loveland, CEO and founder of Loveland Innovations


Image source

“It’s our job to take the worry and headache out of preparing people to pass the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test and prepare them for day-to-day UAS operations. We’re excited to be part of Loveland Innovations’ growing partnership to bring fast, safe drone inspections to insurance carriers and we’re confident we can get new pilots up and into the sky for detailed drone inspections as quickly as possible.”

Alan Perlman, Founder of UAV Coach

Our hope is that Loveland’s IMGING solution will help commercial drone jobs grow, and that we’ll be supporting drone pilots in becoming FAA-certified who are set up to walk right into steady work.

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