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NEWS: IRangeX IRX4, the 4-in-1 RF multimodule for OpenTX compatible radios

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Probably the must to have compagnon for your FrSky radios, the 4-in-1 multimodule: http://www.banggood.com/IRangeX-IRX4-2_4G-CC2500-NRF24L01-A7105-CTRF6936-4-IN-1-Multiprotocol-STM32-TX-Module-With-Case-p-1139049.html

Thanks to this module coupled with OpenTX’s OS, you will be able to access to a lot of protocols and fly most of quadcopters in the market !!!! More this module is not only compatible with FrSky radio but most supporting OpenTX’s OS and PPM connexion. This is more or less the same module as we can find for DeviationTX compatible radio (but must be connected via SPI so requires a soldering job)






The 4 in 1 wireless module integrate four RF chips (CC2500,NRF24L01,A7105,CYRF6936) into one single circuit board,with MCU baseplate,can support a variety of remote control protocols by identifying the PPM signal output of the remote control,such as Walkera DEVO,Spektrum DSM2,Flysky,Frsky,WLToys,Hubsan,Hisky,etc. It can control up to several hundreds airplanes (or receivers). This module can recognize the remote control PPM signal, then converted into the corresponding standard wireless remote control format,which means that in theory as long as the remote control is with analog functions, it can work. This Multiprotocol TX Module is the STM32 board, all protocols are included. It is suitable for many brand’s quadcopters,helicopters and airplanes .You can control RC quadcopters,RC helicopters or RC airplanes flexibility when you insert the TX Module to your Frsky X9D/X9D Plus/X12S,flysky TH9X,Turnigy 9XR/9XR PRO transmitter. As long as your transmitter can use the Open TX firmware,it is compatible with this module. You will get many new ways to control the RC models.

Brand Name: iRangeX
Item Name: IRX4
Band: 2.4G
Weight: About 40g
Firmware: STM32
Dimension: About 49x22x65mm
Antenna Length: About 108mm

Compatible Transmitter:
Frsky: All the frsky transmitter
Futaba: Futaba S-FHSS transmitter
Flysky: TH9X (Note: The plastic base of the pins on the transmitter needs to be removed to fit this module.)
Turnigy: 9XR,9XR Pro
Others: Other transmitter that can use the Open TX firmware.

Compatible RC Aircrafts:
Supported Brand :Cheerson,Syma,Wltoys , Eachine E010(Most of these brand’s quadcopters, helicopters and airplanes are compatible but not every model.).

– Upgraded STM32 board,all protocols are included.
– For OrangeTX, all CYRF6936 based protocols are included.
– Suitable for many brand’s quadcopters,helicopters and airplanes .
– Multiprotocol TX module,as long as your transmitter can use the Open TX firmware,then it is compatible with module.
– Multiprotocol hex/bin files attached have been compiled with the source files dated of 19/12/2016 using the default settings AETR, telemetry enabled, serial mode enabled and ppm mode enabled using default table. INV versions have inverted telemetry set which is a must for OpenTX while the others are compatible with er9x/ersky9x.
– For Atmega328 boards, some RF modules (and associated protocols) have been included in each hex to fit in the Atmega328. For example Multiprotocol_V1.1.5_A7105-CC2500-CYRF6936.hex means that protocols depending on NRF24L01 protocols are excluded.

Cet article NEWS: IRangeX IRX4, the 4-in-1 RF multimodule for OpenTX compatible radios est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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