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And the Winner Is…Meet the 11 Winners of the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival

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It is incredible to see how much the New York City Drone Film Festival has grown since last year.

In 2016, the #NYCDFF received 355 submissions from 45 different countries. This year, it received over 4,000. We can only imagine what next year will be like…

Some of the highlights for us were watching Ty Evans and Phil Bloom talk craft and what’s coming next for drone cinematography during their panel on Saturday; another panel that included Casey Neistat, and Justin Oakes and Elaine Lozano of DroneWorks Studios, where we got all the details on how the HUMAN FLYING DRONE video was made possible; an incredibly moving standing ovation for the #NODAPL winner in the documentary category; and the videos, the videos, of course the videos!


The team grabs a photo op with the #NYCDFF backdrop


Alan and Lana try out the FPV experience on Sunday at the Liberty Science Center

Without further ado, here are the winners from this year:


By: MMP3 (Mixed Motion Project)
Director: Ilko Iliev and Marin Kafedjiiski
Producer: Ilko Iliev and Marin Kafedjiiski
Ilko Iliev
D.O.P: Marin Kafedjiiski
Music: The Derevolutions
Film Location: Bulgaria
Team Location: Bulgaria

A journey that involves parkour, video game-type features, incredibly smooth editing, and is just a whole lot of fun. 

NEWS/DOCUMENTARY: #NoDAPL: Drones Monitor North Dakota Police

By: AJ+, Shiyé Bidzííl, and Myron Dewey
Film Location: North Dakota
Team Location: United States

A behind-the-scenes look at how drones helped record police activities, and thereby helped keep protesters safe, during the extended protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

NARRATIVE: Drone Star Wars

By: Corridor Digital
Directors: Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer
Producers: Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer, and the Corridor Digital Team
Film Location: California
Team Location: Los Angeles, California

A new twist on an epic battle we all know, fought in miniature. 

LANDSCAPE: Australia

By: Wild Pacific Media
Editor: Caspar Mazzotti
Cinematography: Nick Robinson, Luke Peterson, Caspar Mazzotti, Cam Batten, Sid Tinney
Film Location: Australia
Music: ‘Lumina’ by M J Petrie; ‘Swarm Of Lights’ by N Jean, G Felix, S Casais; ‘Earthrise’ by C P Haigh
Team Location: Sydney, Australia

A look into the wildlife and incredible landscapes of Australia, with a mind bending technique for switching shots that literally turns the world upside down.

EXTREME SPORTS: Cala d’en Serra – Drone Parkour

By: Giles Campbell Longley & Kie Willis
Directors and Editors: Giles Campbell Longley & Kie Willis
Drone Pilot: Kie Willis
Camera Operator: Giles Campbell Longley
Stunts: Eric Moor
Film Location: Cala d’en Serra in Ibiza, Spain
Team Location: United Kingdom

A parkour adventure shot against a beautiful seascape backdrop.

FREESTYLE/FPV: Fresh Squeeze

By: Robert McIntosh
Director and Producer : Robert McIntosh
Film Location: Venice Beach, California

New forays into the cinematographic possibilities of FPV, with tight squeezes through tiny places that lead at the end to a beautiful sunrise. 


By: BigFly
Director and Producer: Joris Favraud
Film Location: Eglise Saint Louis, Paimboeuf, France
Team Location: France

A close-up look at the interior of a cathedral, with some mind bending flips and turns that accentuate the beauty of the architecture featured.


By: Tilt
Director: Lucas Zanotto
Producers: The Tilt Team
Film Location: Norway
Team Location: Norway

A whimsical take on cake baking, using DIY materials and gadgets attached to drones to build a layer cake in the least efficient, most delightful way possible.

DRONIE: Family Island

By: Florian Fischer 
Director and Producer: Florian Fischer
Ceator Location: Germany

Three time winner in the dronie cateogry for the #NYCDFF, Florian Fischer takes the dronie to the next level yet again this year with a continuous shot that begins with him behind his family home, follows a straight line through the house (where we see his family lounging symmetrically to either side of the camera’s path), and goes all the way out to the ocean nearby to show us the island where the house sits.


SHOWREEL: KopterCam 2017 Showreel

By: KopterCam 
Directors: Taneli Mustonen; Tom Harper; Jaakko Itäaho; Samuli Valkama; AJ Annila; Jukka Metsäaho; Shashanka Chaturvedi; Jyri Rapo; Parker Ellerman
D.O.P.s: Daniel Lindholm; Steven Hall; Mika Orasmaa FSC; Anssi Leino FSC; Jason West; Rasmus Wilén; Dániel Garas; Aleksi Kipahti; Albrecht Silberberger
Music: “
No Other Name” by Ryan Taubert
Team Location: Finland

An aerial reel that reaches the level of high art with its smooth transitions, organic integration of music into the flow of images, and excellent, creative cinematography.


Photo By: Wellington Rodrigues
Photo Location: Germany

NYC Drone Film Festival_Still photography

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