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A simple and practical aerial photography guide

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Simple version

Straight line

When the airplane rises to a certain height, select a straight line, confirm that there are no obstacles on the line, and push the joystick forward.



The drone is rising while taking pictures. Don’t look at this simple action, you can make a good-looking blockbuster if you use it well!


Flying around

Determine the subject of the screen, and shoot around the subject to show the subject of the screen in all directions.


Zoom in or out

Determine the position of the subject in the picture and keep the position still. The plane flies from near to far or from far to near, which not only highlights the subject but also shows the surrounding environment of the subject, which is often suitable for the beginning or the end.


Advanced version

Move forward or backward

When moving forward or backward, the plane is raised at the same time, and the picture is switched from close-up to long-range, rendering the atmosphere in the picture.


Looking down

The lens is fixed and overhead, make sure that the center of the picture does not move, the plane continues to rise, and the picture is slowly displayed from near to far. It can be used in unique scenes, and the surrounding pictures can be displayed from a bird’s-eye view.


Linear delay

Determine the subject, choose a straight line, turn on the delay function to shoot, it can show the process of subject change in a short time, this method is very recommended!


Master Edition

Hedge lens

The drone accelerates with the main body of the picture, and the main body moves toward the camera lens, as if to rush out of the lens, reflecting the speed and impact, and bringing excitement to the audience.


Flying close to the ground

The drone flies next to the ground, gradually pulling in the distance from the ground to show the changes in the ground on the ground, but it is more difficult, so be careful of obstacles to avoid crashing.


Surround delay

Determine the subject, select a surround route, turn on the surround delay function to shoot, and show the process of subject change in all directions.



The drone takes pictures in the shadow area of the main body of the screen, and the main body of the screen is exposed to the effect of silhouette or silhouette under the sunlight.


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