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EVO Nano series of tutorials, teach you to quickly get started with the new drone

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I received the new product “EVO Nano / EVO Nano+ Drone” and don’t know how to get started quickly? Don’t worry, the EVO Nano series of tutorial videos are now freshly released.


Take the EVO Nano+ package version as an example, it brings the first flight preparation, battery charging, blade disassembly and assembly, frequency linking, firmware upgrade, and gimbal calibration tutorial videos. The operation steps and precautions you want to know are here.

01 Preparation for the first flight
Unboxing / App download / activation

Product unpacking

Open the product packaging box and take out the products and accessories one by one. According to the standard version or package version of the purchased drone, the detailed list of items can be referred to as follows.


App download

You can choose any method (① Enter the App download page of Daotong Smart official website and scan the QR code; ② Scan the App QR code on the box; ③ Search for “Autel Sky” in the App Store and other mobile app malls; ④ Scan directly below QR code), download the “Autel Sky” App and complete the registration.


Aircraft activation

After installing the remote control rocker, pull out the phone holder on the top of the remote control to fix the phone on the holder. Connect the Type-C end of the adapter cable to the remote control, and connect the other end to the mobile phone.


Open the App and complete the activation of the aircraft in sequence according to the instructions on the page. In addition, you can purchase Autel Robotics Care service and complete the binding within 48 hours of activation to enjoy more product warranty services.


02 Battery charging Battery detection / battery charging

Battery check

When the battery is off, the stand-alone power button can judge the power level according to the status of the indicator light. For the status of the battery power indicator light, please refer to the following.


Charging batteries

If the battery is low, please charge it in time. You can charge the battery in the following two ways:

Method ①: Charge directly on the aircraft. Insert the battery into the aircraft battery compartment and fasten it, plug one end of the USB-C charging cable into the charging port on the rear of the aircraft, and connect the other end to the power supply.


Method ②: Use multiple chargers to charge the battery. Put the batteries into the multi-channel chargers, plug one end of the USB-C charging cable into the charging port of the multi-channel charger, and connect the other end to the power supply.


In the charging state, the battery level indicator will flash cyclically. When the battery indicator lights are all off, it means it is fully charged.

03 Disassembling propeller blades Disassembling propeller blades/installation propeller blades

The EVO Nano series blades are installed and fixed with screws. Before replacing the blades, please prepare spare blades, screws and special screwdrivers in advance.

*It is worth noting that before installing the blade, find the arm corresponding to the blade first. The blade with circular recesses should be installed on the arm with circular recesses, and the blades without circular recesses It should be installed on a machine arm without a circular recess.


04 Pairing Remote control key combination pairing / App pairing

The aircraft and the remote control have been paired before leaving the factory. When you change the aircraft or the remote control, you need to perform the pairing operation again.


You can perform linking operations in the following two ways:

Method ①: Complete the pairing through the remote control key combination. After turning on the aircraft. Double-click the aircraft power button, and the green indicator light flashes quickly at this time to indicate that the aircraft enters the pairing mode.


When the remote control is off, press the return home button and the power button at the same time. At this time, the remote control indicator flashes quickly to indicate that the remote control enters the pairing mode.


After the pairing is successful, the aircraft’s green indicator light will stay on for 5 seconds, and then turn to a yellow light to flash slowly to complete the pairing operation.


Method ②: Pair with Autel Sky App. Open the App and enter the [Personal Center], click [Connect New Aircraft], and press and hold the power button of the remote control for 2 seconds according to the App prompts to turn on the remote control.


Click [Next] on the App interface, and connect the remote control and mobile phone.


Press and hold the aircraft power button for 3 seconds to turn on the aircraft, click [Next] on the App interface, and double-click the aircraft power button. At this time, the green indicator light flashes quickly to indicate that the aircraft enters the pairing mode.


Similarly, after the App is successfully paired, the green indicator of the aircraft will stay on for 5 seconds, and then turn to yellow and flash slowly to complete the pairing operation.

05 Gimbal Calibration App-Automatic Gimbal Calibration

Connect the remote control and mobile phone, turn on the remote control and the aircraft in turn.

Open the Autel Sky App, click [Start aerial photography] to enter the image transmission interface, click the settings menu in the upper right corner of the interface, and click [Control]-[gimbal Calibration]-[Auto Calibration] in turn.


The gimbal starts to enter the automatic calibration mode. Please do not turn off the power of the aircraft and the remote controller while waiting. Please keep the aircraft still until the app prompts that the gimbal calibration is successful.


06 App-Firmware Upgrade

Before upgrading the firmware, please remove the gimbal protection cover of the aircraft, and make sure that the battery level of the aircraft, remote control, and mobile phone is not less than 50%.

Open the Autel Sky App, if the initial interface prompts that there is a new firmware, click [Update], and then click [Start Download]-[Update] according to the page prompts. After waiting for the upgrade to succeed, please restart the aircraft and remote controller.


*It is worth noting that after the firmware upgrade, the aircraft’s return altitude and distance limit will be reset, please reset it.

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