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Yuneec Launches the H920 Plus

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Yuneec recently announced the launch of a new commercial drone, the H920 Plus, which was built for broad commercial applications.

The H920 Plus is a multirotor aerial photography and videography platform that has applications in engineering/architecture, broadcast, law enforcement, and commercial/industrial inspections.

Yuneec TornadoCGO4

A New and Improved H920

The H920 Plus improves on the existing H920 with updated features, including:

  • Task Modes (Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey, Curve Cable Cam, Waypoints)
  • Refined ST16 Pro Ground Station with downloadable aerials maps for Waypoint Cache
  • Advanced Camera Settings
  • Quick-disconnect propellers
  • A CGO4 camera, developed with Panasonic which is compatible with 3 lenses
    • Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm F2.0
    • Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f1.8
    • Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
  • ProAction Grip – dual-grip ground handle that extends the CGO4 camera from sky to ground, capturing ultra-stable and steady footage

Want to see more photos of the H920 Plus? No problem.

The H920 Tornado

The original H920, whose general model has been retained in the H920 Plus, is a hexacopter that was created for commercial applications. One of the most notable aspects of the H920 Tornado is its versatility. It can be used in various commercial applications, from those that require high quality imaging to those that require quick, reliable positioning mid-flight.

The H920 Plus has taken this versatility even farther, most notably in its imaging improvements—the Plus comes with with an improved camera and lenses as well as advanced camera settings, and downloadable aerial maps.

What This Means for Yuneec

Just last month Yuneec made the news for it’s launch at CES of the H520, a new focus customer service, and the upcoming launch of a software developer kit (SDK) platform, which will be available in Q2 of 2017.

The back-to-back launches of the H520 and H920 Plus, both hexacopter drones created for commercial applications, clearly position Yuneec as making a big play in the commercial sector.

Both of these hexacopter drones are designed for wide-ranging commercial applications. With long flight times, increased load capacity, and increased sensor technology, the H520 is built for tougher industrial applications, while the H920 Plus is aimed at very high quality imaging and overall precision.

Starting at around $2,500, the H520 is a less expensive option for commercial drone applications, while the H920 Plus runs higher, with prices starting at about $3,500.

In addition to launching these two hexacopter drones, Yuneec’s new customer service improvements, which include 24/7 customer service as well as a new 1 year warranty (which will be effective retroactively as well), make it clear that they’re going after hearts and minds. This kind of close support will help Yuneec grow their novice and solopreneur customer base, as well as helping them gain ground among bigger corporations, where real-time support may be crucial for executing work.

Along with DJI and Parrot, Yuneec already has some of the best camera drones out there. The release of the H920 Plus is just one more iteration in their continued fight to stay on top.

Clearly, Yuneec is committed to staying at the head of the pack. We should expect lots more news from them soon.

More Photos of the H920 Plus

Can’t get enough of the H920 Plus? Here are a bunch more pictures of it, with a closeup of the camera and grip as well as some shots of the Plus in action on a construction site. Enjoy!

Yuneec H920 Drone

Yuneec ProactionSteadygrip

Yuneec TORNADO H920 topview

Yuneec H920Plus-Lifestyle-1

Yuneec H920Plus-Lifestyle-6

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