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TEST: AOMWAY Commander V1 FPV goggles (WVGA, diversity, builtin DVR, 3D, HDMI in)

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The AOMWAY Commander V1 is a new FPV goggles, a direct competitor of the Skyzone Sky02S V+ with almost the same set of features: 40CH Diversity, builtin DVR, WVGA screens, HDMI input, 3D capacity. Only is missing the frontal camera for the AOMWAY but in the other hand, the price is more attractive. Let’s see if the first goggles from AOMWAY can really challenge the Skyzone product.



+ 1 x AOMWAY Commander V1
+ 1 x DCin power cable
+ 1 x 5.8G linear antenna
+ 1 x 5.8G half-planner linear antenna
+ 1 x AVcable
+ 1 x Transportation bag
+ 1 x Instruction manual (Chinese/English)




The general quality of the aomway goggles is good, made with a high quality mate plastic. Like the skyzone, SMA connectors are installed latteraly. The goggles seems lighter than the Skyzone model.





A large AOMWAY logo printed front



A facial sponge is already installed even if a spare one is provided in the bundle.


Compatible with lens insert (from -2 down to -6)



From left to right, we have a 3.5mm jack earphone port, a microSD port, a RF button to select Vfreq, Vband and lunch the autoscan, a left joystick controling brightness, contrast, input sources and turn on/off RF capacity, a right joystick controlling the DVR recording and menu navigation and a headtracker button.


Beaware for the microSD card, a class 10 minimum is required to enjoy full bitrate and 25fps.


The left small button if briefly pressed cycles between the 8 Vfreq associated with the current band. If pressed more than 3 seconds, you can cycle between the 5 bands. Finally if pressed more than 5 seconds, you lunch the autoscan procedure. The left joystick control the brightness (up/down) and the contrast(left/right). When pressed centraly, you can turn on/off the 5.8G RF module. It’s important to turn off the RF module before to access to the DVR menu.

The builtin Diversity receiver supports 5 bands and in total of 40CH.



The bottom side welcomes the headtrack plug, IPD ajustement sliders, fan, AVin/out plug and a miniHDMI port.


The fan in theory removing potential fog on lens


The HDMI mini plug and the 3.5mm jack quadripole for AVin our AVout connexions. By default, the AVout is active since the 5.8G module is turned on by default. As soon as you turn off the RF module, the 3.5mm port becomes an AVin.


The headtracker main plug




The DC plug ending with a +5V voltage regulator from 2S/3S/4S LiPo source (via correspondingly balancer plugs)


Standalone without antenna attached and the DC plug


The total weight is just under 200g


The transportation bag under 100g



In RF mode (2D & 3D), the current band and frequency is displayed on the top left and if the DVR mode have been turned on too, the “REC” word is also displayed on the top right.


I regret the absence OSD RSSI information.

In comparaison with the skyzone, builtin screens offer comparable sharp display but I found the skyzone have deeper black and slightly better brightness.


To record, you need first to press 3s centraly the right joystick then press shortly to turn on/off recording. Important thing, sometimes the DVR module don’t boot correctly and you will need to restart the system completly.


To enter into the menu, you have first to turn off the RF mode by pressing more than 3s the left central stick then press more than 3s the right central stick.


Notice, it’s possible to guess the menu without turning off the RF channel by selecting an orthogonal channel to the current 5.8G source. The main interface of the Menu is main certainly extracted from the HMDVR/Eachine pro DVR module, but here only 3 options are available:i) playback recorded file, ii) format the microSD card or iii) select the recording mode. I regret the absence of all the settings of the original HMDVR module.


In playback mode, you can play in forward or backward direction and fast forward/reward up to x8


Whatever the RF source in NTSC or PAL format, files are recorded in VGA (640×480) at 25fps. It means first the video must downscaled from D1 NTSC (720×480@30fps) or D1 PAL (720×576@25fps) to VGA (640×480@25fps). Good news, no cropping was observed so all OSD informations from a full GPS machine will be correctly displayed. THe bit rate is 5.7kbs


paradoxally the skyzone offers a larger bitrate of 8Kbs but I suspect that the skyzone for PAL sources have two stages of compression explaining bad results for PAL sources.



Both 3D rendering is working perfectly from the RF soruce or the HDMi port as soon as both channels are splitted left and right. It means the 3D camera from skyzone using two different Vfreq won’t work with the AOMWAY Commander.

A full comparaison of DVR recordings between the AOMWAY. AOMWAY recordings are less detailed but less corrupted by compression artefacts. Seems also the AOMWAY DVR don’t loose any frame among serveral minutes of recording. In term of RF sensitivity, both systems have similar performances.


The AOMWAY Commander V1 are in practice very close to the skyzone Sky02SV+ at least in term of features and performances: builtin screens, RF senstivity and DVR capacity. Well if builtin screens for the skyzone offer more deep dark, DVR recordings are better for the AOMWAY… The AOMWAY DVR lacks of advanced settings at least to record fpv flux in the native resolution… Probably one firmware will probably add this option. At least no important negative drawbacks for the AOMWAY and they are announced to be sold cheaper.


+ Superb builtin LCD screens
+ Builtin diversity
+ 40CH
+ HDMIin (scaling to 720p)
+ Can display 3D RF/HDMI sources
+ IPD ajustable
+ Headtracker
+ Builtin DVR w/o cropping
+ No frame lost in DVR recording


– Ergonomy/navigation not super easy
– No status led for DVR recording
– Both NTSC/PAL recorded in lower VGA resolution @ 25fps
– Restricted DVR settings
– Poor instruction manual

– No RSSI OSD display
– No miniUSB port

This FPV goggleshave been courtesy provided by AOMWAY in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 362USD at http://www.banggood.com/Aomway-Commander-Goggles-V1-2D-3D-40CH-5_8G-FPV-Video-Headset-Support-HDMI-DVR-Headtracker-p-1107684.html

Cet article TEST: AOMWAY Commander V1 FPV goggles (WVGA, diversity, builtin DVR, 3D, HDMI in) est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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