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TEST: Eachine AIOF3: 3g, SPF3, Builtin FrSky D8 w/telemetry, builtin BetaOSD

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With the Eachine AIOF3, here is an new ultralight Flight controller based on the powerfull F3 ARM core supporting directly Betaflight (3.0.0 by default), including a buitin FrSky D8 receiver (like the FrDR3) with working telemetry but now also integrate the Betaflight OSD. With betaflight OSD, you can configure everything from the Chrome GUI !!! just great. Cherry on the cake, FET are annouced to handle up to 10A so even compatible with “big” 10mmx20mm coreless brushed motors.


+ 1 x AIOF3
+ 1 x Powerlead cable with microLOSI connector
+ 1 x Foam pad with double tape



A 37mmx29mm board …too large to fit a TinyWhoop/Eachine E010… but more adapted from a 80mm machine


The CC2500 RFchip associated with the FrSky receiver is installed on top. Nearby a ATmega328p to control it but no dedicaced pads to flash a new firmware. For the FrSky version, we have a binding button. You have to hold this button while powering the board via the USB for example. Good news, the receiver firware have been updated to correctly output RSSI & Vbat by telemetry. For the 6-axis stabilization, we have a MPU 6000 from invensense. The OSD processor is a AT7456E. Notice the big cap here for the +5V voltage regulation. It should help to filter out most interefences coming for the FPV connexion

The other side welcomes the main ARM F3 MCU and the strong FET supporting 10A at peak… (probably some ic995 chm2310p chip variant)
It’s just great !!!! In one year, FET were able to handle max 4A… then 6.4A. Now we have 10A models…. It means, bigger/stronger motors can be installed


3g so just 0.4g more than the FrFR3 without OSD.




Here are for example the connexions with the Eachine MC02 but more lighter AIO FPV cam can be used of course as soon the Video pads are found. We can expect bundle TX01+AIOF3 Under 7g.





The AIOF3 is clearly a super board with strong elements: strong FET, strong ARM F3 MCU, builtin FrSky D8 with telemetry, strong OSD and betaflight ready. Probably the best 1S board in the market. What’s a pity there is no way to use it in 2S configuration.


+ 3g
+ Builtin FrSky D8 receiver with working Telemetry
+ Builtin BetaflightOSD
+ F3 processor
+ Compatible Cleanflight/Betaflight
+ Strong 10A FET


– No 2S support

This Flight controller have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 31USD at http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-AIOF3_BRUSHED-Flight-Control-Board-Built-in-OSD-FrskyFlyskyDSM2DSMX-Receiver-Betaflight-p-1107427.html

Cet article TEST: Eachine AIOF3: 3g, SPF3, Builtin FrSky D8 w/telemetry, builtin BetaOSD est apparu en premier sur Drone-Maniac !!!!!!!.

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