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  1. Hobbyist sales will more than double from 1.9 million drones in 2016 to 4.3 million in 2020 according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Meanwhile, business sales will triple over the period from 600,000 to 2.7 million. Affordable Ecommerce Solution for Drone Hobbyist who wants to Make Money! 1. List of Reliable Suppliers 2. A Real Time Chat App Buyer/Supplier 3. Line of Selected Drones; Beginner to Pro 4. Line Up for Spare Parts for Mods & Repairs 5. Videos for Repairs or U Do Yr Own! 6. Pictures, Videos & Marketing Materials 7. Lowest Cost Shipping Worldwide 8. Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/NinjaToysFactory 9. Website - https://www.Ninja-Toys.com (Under Construction) 10. Website is a WordPress Woo Commerce Estore 11. Website with Payment Gateways: Credit Card/Debit Card and Pay Pal 12. Automated Facebook Marketing 13. List of Marketplaces – Worldwide 14. Lesson Plans for Teaching Drone Flying 15. Blueprints of a Drone invention that will dominate the family consumer market! And of course connections to actually build it! Ninja Toys.pptx
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