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    Not sure if you refering to this TTL uart interface ( you can get them on Ebay - About $5 each or so... Plug into USB ). - but its much more involved than just that. ISP programmer etc...
  2. Cg035 ground software

    Hi im new here. Hope im doing the correct way thing are done. I received my aosenma cg035 a few weeks ago. As the unit does not response as expected i tried the ground software to calibrate. Firstly i noticed that the tranmitter has a connector on the rear panel. Ps2 type connecter. Nowhere have i seen any reference to this. On connecting the mini usb to a Windows 10 laptop, i noticed that the drone powers up. All the reading can be seen. No driver was needed to be loaded. Could this be a later version of the cg035. My main problem is that the auto takeoff does not work. The drone goes into idle mode with no lift off. Under manual takeoff it seem that the drone does not lock properly to gps. The altitude hold also is not good. Any ideas on this.