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  1. I have a Ruko F11 GIM drone. My Android phone works well with it's controller. However, with my aging eyes, I prefer a larger display. I want to mount my Ipad Mini on the F11 controller. The controller's display spring-loaded c-clamp can accommodate devices up to 3.5" wide. The Ipad Mini is 5.25" wide. Hoping a member has a possible solution for mounting. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  2. For those with a lost Ruko F11, F11 Pro or F11 GIM, try the following: In the Ruko app, select the ellipse (. . .) at the top right corner. Then select the Track tab. Finally, select Find Drone. Note: You'll need to have a wifi connection to access map data.
  3. You might get an answer in a laptop forum as opposed to this RC Drone forum.
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