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  1. Hello all, I'm an old guy that does all kinds of fabricating projects. The RC Drone hobby has all kinds of interesting parts that I could use in different projects. This is all new to me so I'd really appreciate some expert help... I'm not yet into actually flying a RC drone yet but do have a project that would use a FPV mini-camera, a OTG receiver & my android tablet as the viewing screen. It appears that the camera has frequency settings on the back but the 5.8G OTG receiver doesn't ?? I would think the camera just needs it's 5vdc power then the receiver has it's 5vdc power & cable to attach to the android tablet for viewing. I'm sure it's more complicated than that so I'd really like some help with the process. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I confess I'm not a drone flyer and all this is really new to me. What caught my eye was this mini DVR that could be added to a night vision camera setup I put on my rifle scope to get rid of my feral hog problem . The set up works well so I added the HMDVR-S to capture some of the action. Well, the LED light is on when powered like its suppose to be but doesn't flash when the button is pushed to start recording. I've tried quick push, long push, hold down waiting for it to flash... nothing seems to start the recording. Wiring was simple as per instructions so did I just get a faulty one or is there a certain trick I haven't tried? Could I bypass the push button altogether so it's always recording when powered? I'd appreciate any helpful suggestions.
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