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  1. MJX Bugs b2w

    Hi Alex, no I didn't. I'm playing this game with the seller where he tells me to try this or that and it's exactly what's in the manual. It worked from day 1 on my iPad and girlfriends iPhone but it refuses to work on my android phone which works with 5G wifi. All contact for the factory that made it in China are not active. Any thoughts?
  2. Greetings, I'm new to drones but have flown nitro planes and driven nitro vehicles. I just received a MJX Bugsb2w and it appears it fits my needs except for one nagging issue which may be a deal breaker. Ive downloaded the bugs go app and the drone camera appears on my wifi list on my Samsung Galaxy S7, but for the life of me the two of them will not connect. My phone gives me an error message that says wifi not connected however the drones camera connects on my iPad. ive tried contacting MJXRC directly but every time I fill in the contact and question box I get an internal server error message from their site. Please someone help me.