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Black Friday Drone Deals 2017

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I usually look at blackfriday.gottadeal.com for specials this time of year. On a quick search, here's what you can find: 

pic.png Promark Shadow Drone with GPS & VR Headset $99.00  
pic.png Sharper Image Video Streaming Drone $40.00  
pic.png Yuneec Breeze Drone with 4K Recording $199.00  
pic.png DJI Spark Quadcopter Drone w/ 1080p Camera $399.99 star1.png
pic.png Sharper Image 14.4" Streaming Drone w/ Virtual Reality Viewer $79.99  
pic.png Sky Drones HD PRO X1 VR Streaming Drone $69.99 star1.png
pic.png Sky Viper HD Streaming Video Drone $79.99  
pic.png DJI Mavic Pro Drone $899.99  
pic.png DJI Spark Mini Drone $399.00  
pic.png Sky Viper Stunt Drone $29.99  
 Best Buy
pic.png Protocol Slipstream S Stunt Drone Silver/Black $19.99  
 Sam's Club
pic.png DJI Mavic Pro Drone Bundle w/ Bag & Propeller Set $899.00  
pic.png Discovery Kids Drone $39.97 star1.png
pic.png FAO Schwartz Drone $59.97 star1.png
pic.png Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone $19.97 star1.png
pic.png The Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone $19.97 star1.png
pic.png The Sharper Image DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone $79.97 star1.png
 Home Depot
pic.png Space Flyers Auto Hovering Drone $9.88  
pic.png Skyrider Falcon 2 Pro Drone with Camera $29.99  
pic.png SwiftStream Z-34CV Drone $49.99  
 Toys R Us
pic.png Air Hogs Helix Race Drone $19.99  
pic.png Aura Drone with Glove Controller $49.99  
pic.png Lunar Drone with 10-Inch HD Camera $47.99  
  Toys & Games
pic.png Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster $99.99  
pic.png Sky Viper v2900PRO Remote Control Streaming Video Drone 2.6Ghz Black/Green $149.99  
 Dell Home
pic.png DJI Spark Mini Drone $399.99  
pic.png Parrot Mambo Mini Drone FPV w/ $50 Dell Promo Gift Card $149.99  
pic.png Propel Hover Hero Drone $12.49  
pic.png Propel Magic UFO Drone $8.00  
 Bass Pro Shops
  Special Offers
pic.png First 200 In Line Chance to Win World Tech Toys Striker Remote Control Live Feed Camera Spy Drone FREE  
pic.png Bass Pro Shops Rogue 2.4GHz 4.5-Channel Remote Control Drone $29.97  
pic.png Bass Pro Shops Venom Pro GPS 2.4GHz 4.5CH Remote Control Drone $79.97  
pic.png World Teach Elite REZO Remote Control Racing Drone $69.99  
 Dollar General
pic.png Sky Rider Wi-Fi Drone w/ Camera and LED Lights $30.00  
pic.png Micro Drone $20.00  
pic.png Propel Star Wars Advanced Battling Drone $99.99 star1.png
pic.png SYMA D650WH Wi-Fi FPV Drone $35.00 star1.png
pic.png DJI Goggles Immersive FPV Drone Headset $399.00  
pic.png DJI Mavic Pro Mini Drone $899.00  
pic.png DJI Spark Mini Drone Fly More Combo Alpine White $599.00  
pic.png Glow-in-the-Dark Camera Drone $29.99 star1.png
 True Value
pic.png Striker Remote Control Camera Drone $39.99  
pic.png Striker Remote Control Live Video Camera Drone $59.99

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    • By Mike1791
      Hi all,
      Apologies in advance if this turns out to be too basic, but I have a Xiangyyu mini uav that is proving tricky to get going.
      I tried to read the mini instruction manual provided, but it was written in Chinese, and the translation to English is a poor quality machine translation. I attempted to follow the instructions but did not get any result. I have charged the drone, and used the controller in what I think is the way they instruct but...
      btw, I tried to attach JPG images but uploads failed each time.
      Thanks, Mike.
    • By rchobby
      Brand Name: ZTW
      Item Name: ZTW Flash Series 30A BLHeli OPTO ESC 2-4S 
      Model: Flash 30A
      Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
      Continue Current: 30A

      -BLHeli_S, better startup than BLHeli
      -Support high KV motor and BLHeli REV 16.0
      -Autodetect Oneshot 125, Oneshot 42 and Multishot
      -MCU-EFM8BB21F16 and hardware PWM make smooth throttle response

      Package Included:
      1x ZTW 30A ESC
      More info:  http://www.ztwshop.com/product/ztw-multirotor-brushless-esc/
    • By Erik1909hp
      Portability is all the rage in commerical drones market right now – pilots want quadcopters they can pack up and take anywhere. Unfortunately, a compact form factor usually translates to fewer features and abilities. But with DJI’s new Mavic Pro, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to being one of the most portable drones we’ve ever seen, the Mavic also happens to be one of the most feature-packed drones on the market right now.
      But do portability and capability really coexist in the real world? We took it out for a solid week of hardcore flight tests to find out.
      Features and specs
      Without a doubt, the most standout feature of the Mavic is its portability. DJI went back to the drawing board with this drone, and it shows. Instead of a space-hogging fixed-arm hull, the Mavic features a set of folding arms and props that, thanks to their clever configuration, allow the drone to fold down into a neat little package that’s roughly the size of a standard brick (but not quite as heavy). This, along with the super compact controller, make the Mavic one of hte most portable drones we’ve ever encountered.
      Up front, it’s also equipped with a 4K camera and super compact 3-axis gimbal. This allows the device to capture super stabilized video without the resolution cutbacks required for digital stabilization. Plus, behind the camera, the drone also has DJI’s ActiveTrack and Optical Flow software, which allow it to track objects and sense obstacles (respectively) using nothing but the camera and image analysis algorithms.
      Flight and range specs are also pretty impressive. DJI equipped the Mavic with an all-new video transmission system called OcuSync, which stretches the Mavic’s max range to over 4 miles and also boosts its resistance to interference. At shorter ranges, this tech can even stream footage to you at 1080p resolution, allow photo and video downloads at 40Mb/s – which is absolutely nuts.
      To round out the package, the Mavic Pro also sports all the same Intelligent Flight Modes that DJI’s Phantom 4 has — plus two new ones. In addition to the standard Follow mode, Point of Interest, Waypoints, and Course Lock, the Mavic also has DJI’s new Terrain Follow and Gesture modes. It’s absolutely stuffed with features.
      Build quality and design
      Build quality is off the charts. The Mavic Pro is a sturdy little beast with one of the toughest hulls we’ve ever encountered. We crashed it a handful of times and it didn’t even seem fazed. Sure, it’ll complain and tell you “Ouch, you crashed me!” in a series of annoying beeps — but after a quick reset it’ll forget the whole thing ever happened and get right back to flying like a champ. We wouldn’t trust it to survive a big plummet onto a hard surface, but 30 feet onto a patch of grass? No problem.
      When it comes to portable drones, the Mavic Pro has no equal — at least not yet.
      Same goes for design. DJI deserves a Red Dot Award for this one — it’s nothing short of brilliant. I mean, we’ve seen folding drones before, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Thanks to a very clever hinge system, the arms fold up into a neat little package just smaller than the dimensions of your average brick, which makes it a breeze to stuff in your backpack or messenger bag and lug along on your adventures. It might even fit in a purse.
      Another design element that we’re totally in love with is the portable controller. It’s not a measly little smartphone app that forces you to use virtual joysticks, and it’s also not a gigantic ground station that takes up half your backpack — it’s a thoughtfully designed hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. When it’s all folded up, it’s roughly the size of a walkie talkie — but flip out the antennas and pop in your smartphone, and suddenly it’s a full-fledged controller with tons of telemetry data, an intuitive layout, and fantastic range.
      The only real flaw we could find on the machine was its 3-axis gimbal assembly. It’s impressively small and compact, but it’s also held in place with four small rubber bands that seem to be a bit fragile. If one of these bands snaps (which happened to our review unit while it was in the previous user’s possession), the camera will have trouble stabilizing itself, which ultimately means you’ll end up with shaky, “Jello-effect” video footage. That’s really the only design flaw we could find though — everything else on the Mavic is well-built and designed to last.
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