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  1. Agriculture sprayer drone can effectively reduce operating costs, evenly spraying, environmental protection and high efficiency, and significantly improve operating efficiency. Compared with the traditional artificial pesticide spraying operation, the efficiency is approximately 20-30 times that of manual labor, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and prevents the operator from inhaling the pesticide particles, which is safe and convenient. The agriculture sprayer drone is easy to operate and can be used in three days of training; it is easy to maintain, safe and reliable, and the maintenance cost is low. The fuel tank capacity is 10L, the effective spraying width is 4-6 meters, and the spraying operation of 15 acres can be completed in a single flight. The operating efficiency can reach 80 acres / hour in the autonomous mode. Agriculture sprayer drone can be used for disinfecting, moisturizing, spraying, inpection, supervision, fertilization for most of the plant, such as crops, vegetable, wheat,tea tree ,vines, etc. # Characteristics Parameters-Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-20 6axis 20L 1 Unfold size : 1936*1700*670mm 2 Folding size : 1102*963*670mm 3 Full fold weight : 48kg 4 Spraying mode: pressure spraying 6 nozzles 5 Medicine box volume : 20L 6 Product wheelbase : 1700mm 7 Operation time : 16-22 minutes 8 Spraying amplitude : 6-8meters 9 Control radius : 1500 meters 10 Working temperature : 0-50℃11 Flight mode :ATTI / GPS a variety of drone : Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X4-5 4axis 5L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X4-10 4axis 10L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-10 6axis 10L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-15 6axis 15L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-15 6axis 15L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-16 6axis 16L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-20 6axis 20L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-30 6axis 30L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-60 6axis 60L We adopt Dajiang, Jifei's flight control and electric motor , and we are specialized in producing agricultural sprayer drones of various types, including 5L, 10L, 15L, 16L, 20L, 30L, 60L and four-axis or six axis machines with more competitive price and high quality to meet your diverse needs. Contact : Carson Zhang Oversea Sales Manager Company : Guangzhou QHK Technology Co.,Ltd Location : Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China Tel/wechat/whatsapp/Skype : +86- 158 1246 6828 Email:agri.uav09@gmail.com
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