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    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts URUAV UR85HD Bushido Cinewhoop review. This UR85HD Bushido 85mm Crazybee F4 PRO 2-3S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone review includes unboxing, inspection, peek under the canopy, betaflight settings, firmware update, binding, OSD settings, camera, dvr & flight tests. Flight action starts at 30:11,…hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr1BWSBBrrQ
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    I paid $335 in January for the FlyMore Combo. Like new - can't tell it was used except the label on the box for Password was wrong. But password is on the drone, so that wasn't a problem. Came in new box, too. Anxious to find some open space to play: it's like a flying computer with all of the features.
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    This is a great, inexpensive drone!. I just bought a refurbished one, the fly more package, on eBay. I just wish there was more open space to get used to it. San Diego doesn't have much that isn't developed or fenced off, and there are a lot of airports. I may have to drive to the desert so I can play with it and not be afraid of crashing into something or getting stuck in a tree.
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    Hey gang, I’m new to the drone world and need some advice. I decided to get a decent drone after a couple toys so I bought a Swift tr280 tilt rotor pnp kit. im pretty overwhelmed by the options out there as far as controls, gps, cameras etc. what I really need is just some suggestions on what gear I need to get this thing flying that will be compatible with it. It’s a 3s, 4s and has a CC3D flight control. I’ve decided on a Taranus Q7 radio so I need suggestions on fpv gear cam and goggles etc, receiver and gps. im a bit confused on the GPS as far as what’s compatible and exactly what the capabilities are when these are added. I appreciate any help you all could give, I’m totally out of my depth on this.
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    Hi! Just starting out with drones - at a loose end during the Covid lockdown. Looking for some diagnostic help. I have either fried something or just being very stupid. I have a set-up including an Omnibus f4 pro, Spektrum SPM4649T and a Spektrum DX6i, currently using Cleanflight. I have flashed the Omnibus as instructed and get a relatively slow flashing blue led. The set-up binds correctly. I have tried connecting the SPM4649T to either the SBUS/PPM-5V-GND pins, or to the J8 connector (DSM2-GND-3.3V), and have tried as many combinations in the ports tab, with the Receiver in the config tab set as Serial based (SPEKSAT...etc) and serial receiver set to SPEKTRUM1024 (although I have tried SPEKTRUM2048 as well). In Clean flight I can get some activity out of the motors on the motors tab - so that part may be working. What I need guidance on just now is that in the Receiver tab. I have a set of coloured bars for A, E, R, T, AUX1, AUX2, AUX3 - all centred at 1500 except T which is at 885. That looks good, but I cannot get any activity by moving the sticks on the DX6i. What am I missing? Is there magic connection between DX6i and Omnibus that I have missed? Or have I cooked something?
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    Looks like most every other drone in the $150 to $300 price range where what I look at more in that price range is the cost of additional batteries, replacement props and the number of vendors that actually carry those parts for it. Kind of stinks when you purchase a drone, then realize you want additional batteries or replacement props and find out the hard way they cost an arm and leg or they're not available for purchase on Amazon or Ebay.
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    Hi Drone flyers, My name is Colin. I just got an HS 700D. I like it a lot. I have a quick "what in the world is going on" question. Whenever I hit the return to home button it goes straight up in the air instead of coming down. Any help on this?
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    Just out of curiosity and possible further trouble shooting, have you tried the RTH on the Ophelia app screem as well as the remote? Just thinking, maybe there's the possibility of just a problem with the remote RTH button.
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    HI Rendroll, I'm able to do a successful calibration. After hearing from you, I'm thinking my RTH is broken. I don't use the Follow Me function. I'm mostly sitting due to being in a wheelchair mostly. Have fun flying!
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    I Colin, I also own a HS 700D. I haven't had any problems with the return to home. What I'm having problems with getting to work is the follow me feature. So maybe we could help each other out? What I have noticed is that I need to do a gyro calibration after each time I power off the drone. Are you able to successfully do the gyro calibration? Before you take off, the front lights should be solid red and the rear lights should be solid green. I also notice where I fly I typically get 15-17 satellites locked on. How many satellite locks are you seeing on your remote? Just an observation. When I press the return to home button on the remote, it will immediately start coming back to the location where I took off at, but when it reaches that area it will tend to hover for some time before it starts to descend for landing but if I wait long enough, it does gradually start to descend and land. Is follow me been working for you?
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    The capacity of the LiPo battery is measured in mAh . mAh basically means the current that you can extract from the battery for one hour. For example, for a 1000 mAh 3s battery, it takes an hour to fully discharge if a constant 1A current is drawn from it. If the current draw is doubled to 2A, the duration will be halved to 0.5 hours. If you keep pumping 30A, this battery pack can only last for 2 minutes. Increasing battery capacity may increase flight time. In general, it is best to get the highest possible capacity battery. Higher capacity can also provide you with higher discharge current, but the weight will be larger and larger, physical size. The bigger. There is a trade-off between capacity and weight, which affects flight time and aircraft flexibility. In addition, another factor to consider is the discharge rate. Using a too low discharge rate (C rating) may cause damage to the battery, and the drone's battery is not enough to quickly discharge current to properly power the motor. Since the higher Class C battery is heavier, if you use a battery with a C rating that is too high, you will carry the extra weight , which ultimately reduces flight time.
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    Expanding my knowledge and reach into this field, I have my Part 107 already and looking to create partnerships and opportunities with others that see this beyond a hobby.
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