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    I paid $335 in January for the FlyMore Combo. Like new - can't tell it was used except the label on the box for Password was wrong. But password is on the drone, so that wasn't a problem. Came in new box, too. Anxious to find some open space to play: it's like a flying computer with all of the features.
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    This is a great, inexpensive drone!. I just bought a refurbished one, the fly more package, on eBay. I just wish there was more open space to get used to it. San Diego doesn't have much that isn't developed or fenced off, and there are a lot of airports. I may have to drive to the desert so I can play with it and not be afraid of crashing into something or getting stuck in a tree.
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    Hey gang, I’m new to the drone world and need some advice. I decided to get a decent drone after a couple toys so I bought a Swift tr280 tilt rotor pnp kit. im pretty overwhelmed by the options out there as far as controls, gps, cameras etc. what I really need is just some suggestions on what gear I need to get this thing flying that will be compatible with it. It’s a 3s, 4s and has a CC3D flight control. I’ve decided on a Taranus Q7 radio so I need suggestions on fpv gear cam and goggles etc, receiver and gps. im a bit confused on the GPS as far as what’s compatible and exactly what the capabilities are when these are added. I appreciate any help you all could give, I’m totally out of my depth on this.
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    Hi! Just starting out with drones - at a loose end during the Covid lockdown. Looking for some diagnostic help. I have either fried something or just being very stupid. I have a set-up including an Omnibus f4 pro, Spektrum SPM4649T and a Spektrum DX6i, currently using Cleanflight. I have flashed the Omnibus as instructed and get a relatively slow flashing blue led. The set-up binds correctly. I have tried connecting the SPM4649T to either the SBUS/PPM-5V-GND pins, or to the J8 connector (DSM2-GND-3.3V), and have tried as many combinations in the ports tab, with the Receiver in the config tab set as Serial based (SPEKSAT...etc) and serial receiver set to SPEKTRUM1024 (although I have tried SPEKTRUM2048 as well). In Clean flight I can get some activity out of the motors on the motors tab - so that part may be working. What I need guidance on just now is that in the Receiver tab. I have a set of coloured bars for A, E, R, T, AUX1, AUX2, AUX3 - all centred at 1500 except T which is at 885. That looks good, but I cannot get any activity by moving the sticks on the DX6i. What am I missing? Is there magic connection between DX6i and Omnibus that I have missed? Or have I cooked something?
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    Looks like most every other drone in the $150 to $300 price range where what I look at more in that price range is the cost of additional batteries, replacement props and the number of vendors that actually carry those parts for it. Kind of stinks when you purchase a drone, then realize you want additional batteries or replacement props and find out the hard way they cost an arm and leg or they're not available for purchase on Amazon or Ebay.
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    Best budget drone in 2019 - best under $300 drone 2019 Lots of drones have been introduced into the marketplace in the last 3 years. Majority are just basic, and just few top class drones with super features are available. But then you need to know what's best for your investment. If you want the best, go for something inbetween cost, and yet of top standard. That's why drones that fall within the $200 - $300 range delights drone pilots, because of affordability and delivery. Currently in 2019, I found the Altair Outlaw drone selling at $279 the best under $300 drone with super features. FLY WITHOUT FEAR In addition to its durable plastic design and extra included parts, the Outlaw features built in controls to ensure that you don't lose your drone. Built-In Features: One-Touch Return Low Power Return Lost Contact Automatic Return Return to Home Function (RTH Procedure) In plain English: the drone will prevent itself from crashing under certain circumstances and even fly back to you if you've lost contact. Watch this video about this outlaw drone and all its features below: All the best flying the best... Sent from my TECNO F3 using Tapatalk
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    Just out of curiosity and possible further trouble shooting, have you tried the RTH on the Ophelia app screem as well as the remote? Just thinking, maybe there's the possibility of just a problem with the remote RTH button.
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    Hi Drone flyers, My name is Colin. I just got an HS 700D. I like it a lot. I have a quick "what in the world is going on" question. Whenever I hit the return to home button it goes straight up in the air instead of coming down. Any help on this?
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    HI Rendroll, I'm able to do a successful calibration. After hearing from you, I'm thinking my RTH is broken. I don't use the Follow Me function. I'm mostly sitting due to being in a wheelchair mostly. Have fun flying!
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    I Colin, I also own a HS 700D. I haven't had any problems with the return to home. What I'm having problems with getting to work is the follow me feature. So maybe we could help each other out? What I have noticed is that I need to do a gyro calibration after each time I power off the drone. Are you able to successfully do the gyro calibration? Before you take off, the front lights should be solid red and the rear lights should be solid green. I also notice where I fly I typically get 15-17 satellites locked on. How many satellite locks are you seeing on your remote? Just an observation. When I press the return to home button on the remote, it will immediately start coming back to the location where I took off at, but when it reaches that area it will tend to hover for some time before it starts to descend for landing but if I wait long enough, it does gradually start to descend and land. Is follow me been working for you?
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    I have recently purchase 2 drones from eBay. Both being the " SHRC H1G RC Drones x Pro 5G With 1080P HD Camera GPS WIFI FPV Foldable Quadcopter AU " With my first purchase, I could not work out how to get past the instruction manual of Tune the Remote and the Drone which you are required to do before anything else. There are 3 steps. (1) Turn on the Drone {did that} (2) Turn on the Remote controller {did that} (3) The manual and the video's that I've watched say, push the LEFT toggle fully forward until you hear a chime. {did that = No chime } Then pull the LEFT toggle on the remote fully back until you hear the 2nd. chime. {did that = NO chime}. That manual at this stage say that the drone is ready to fly, however you are required to Calibrate to the SatNav positions. In the YouTube video after the 3rd. step, it demonstrates that the Rotors are spinning. That's the Video. Didn't happen with my drone. With allot of correspondence with the seller on eBay, the Drone was returned for a full refund. At this stage, I searched another eBay Seller for the very same Drone. The 2nd. drone arrived last Friday, 31st May 2019, and I have the very same problem. I can only get to stage 3, nothing happens. This indicates to me that I don't know what I'm doing and possibly the manual (made in China) [but written in English] could be incorrect. Photo 1 is this stage of my manual. Can someone please assist with me and this drone. It would be greatly appreciated if someone who knows of this particular Drone to give me a step by step instruction if I'm doing anything wrong. I have been in touch with this 2nd. eBay seller and his response is he requires me to send a VDO of my set up process to his private email address. However, I have taken a VDO and when I get to stage 3 of this manual, and the drone does NOT fire up, this VDO is 237MG in size, and my server won't let me send a file that big. Hoping someone can help me. Frustrated LeRoy
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    The capacity of the LiPo battery is measured in mAh . mAh basically means the current that you can extract from the battery for one hour. For example, for a 1000 mAh 3s battery, it takes an hour to fully discharge if a constant 1A current is drawn from it. If the current draw is doubled to 2A, the duration will be halved to 0.5 hours. If you keep pumping 30A, this battery pack can only last for 2 minutes. Increasing battery capacity may increase flight time. In general, it is best to get the highest possible capacity battery. Higher capacity can also provide you with higher discharge current, but the weight will be larger and larger, physical size. The bigger. There is a trade-off between capacity and weight, which affects flight time and aircraft flexibility. In addition, another factor to consider is the discharge rate. Using a too low discharge rate (C rating) may cause damage to the battery, and the drone's battery is not enough to quickly discharge current to properly power the motor. Since the higher Class C battery is heavier, if you use a battery with a C rating that is too high, you will carry the extra weight , which ultimately reduces flight time.
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    Expanding my knowledge and reach into this field, I have my Part 107 already and looking to create partnerships and opportunities with others that see this beyond a hobby.
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    Hi, suddenly discovered at the age of 49 a love of rc, was playing with my grandsons tiny indoor thingy and fell in love 2 days later after extensive you tubing I bought a goolrc T47 to learn the ropes and have to say it's amazing so i thought I'd better join some forums to find out where to go from here.
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    Yes, that's pretty cool! Good luck
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    Hi, Obviously I’m a noob. Looking to get a drone for my Paranormal Investigation team. I’m down to either the Bugs 3 Pro or the Bayangtoys X21 because they’re budget friendly and can carry a GoPro. My question is... tho the Bugs 3 pro is a gps drone it doesn’t have altitude hold like the X21 does. Do I need altitude hold if I’m not using the drone as a stunt or race drone? Seems like the Bugs 3 Pro is a better name brand but it’s lacking altitude hold. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At this point in time we went with the Bayangtoys for the simple fact of it has not only altitude hold but dual GPS, and a GoPro can be mounted to it. As for the images taken with the drone... we have a specially modified GoPro that can take video and pictures in infrared and full spectrum. That being said the drone will serve for preliminary planning purposes prior to an investigation and possibly dusk shots during investigations as to abide by FAA regulations in regards to night flying. Hope that answers your question... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new and upgraded Prime2. We listened to all the customer feedback to improve and update your flight experience! Although it is a peaceful planet, there are places full of violence and war. With our may event we would like to help the UN to raise money and help people in need. Every time this post is reshared until June 5th,2019, we will donate and contribute $0.1 to the Palestinian people! Additionally a Giveaway of 3x Prime2 Goggles for you lucky guys! To enter: -Like & comment & share -Link your FPV buddies(more friends tagged,more raffle entries) Giveaway ends on June 5th,2019, shipment within 4 weeks facebook:
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    Video preview of Tactic Air Drone here: Sent from my TECNO F3 using Tapatalk
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    Great for beginners and adult pilots... Features & details PRO QUALITY CAMERA DRONE - Drone photography and video for advanced and beginner pilots from kids ages 12+ to adults will love this multirotor, includes First Person View & supports Virtual Reality! GPS DRONE - Enjoy the safety of remote control flying using GPS and go long range up to 1000 meters (3000 feet). RETURN HOME FEATURE - This customized MJX bugs 2 WiFi quadrotor will come back to you using GPS, feel the security of flying with 3 auto return home buttons. LONG FLIGHT TIME - Get 20 minutes of flight time when fully charged and fly 1000 meters with 500+ meter WiFi video transmission range. Impress your friends with how far the Outlaw goes! HIGH QUALITY & AFFORDABLE - The Altair brand based in the USA out of Lincoln, Nebraska stands for quality, integrity and service. Top tech specs for under $300, one of best drones for the money! Updates - You don't need WiFi or a Phone to Fly the Outlaw & Batteries are Rechargeable. Sent from my TECNO F3 using Tapatalk
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    A colleague - Alex... Sent from my TECNO F3 using Tapatalk
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    Hello! Brand new to the forums here and excited to educate myself on drone usage, certification, and flight. Long time surface RC enthusiast that's making the leap to air.
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    Specification: Brand Name: ZTW Item Name: ZTW Flash Series 30A BLHeli OPTO ESC 2-4S Model: Flash 30A Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo Continue Current: 30A FirmWare:BLHeli_S Features: -BLHeli_S, better startup than BLHeli -Support high KV motor and BLHeli REV 16.0 -Autodetect Oneshot 125, Oneshot 42 and Multishot -MCU-EFM8BB21F16 and hardware PWM make smooth throttle response Package Included: 1x ZTW 30A ESC More info: http://www.ztwshop.com/product/ztw-multirotor-brushless-esc/
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    ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones More info: http://www.ztwshop.com/product/airplane-brushless-esc/Spider-Pro-esc/
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    Hobbyist sales will more than double from 1.9 million drones in 2016 to 4.3 million in 2020 according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Meanwhile, business sales will triple over the period from 600,000 to 2.7 million. Affordable Ecommerce Solution for Drone Hobbyist who wants to Make Money! 1. List of Reliable Suppliers 2. A Real Time Chat App Buyer/Supplier 3. Line of Selected Drones; Beginner to Pro 4. Line Up for Spare Parts for Mods & Repairs 5. Videos for Repairs or U Do Yr Own! 6. Pictures, Videos & Marketing Materials 7. Lowest Cost Shipping Worldwide 8. Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/NinjaToysFactory 9. Website - https://www.Ninja-Toys.com (Under Construction) 10. Website is a WordPress Woo Commerce Estore 11. Website with Payment Gateways: Credit Card/Debit Card and Pay Pal 12. Automated Facebook Marketing 13. List of Marketplaces – Worldwide 14. Lesson Plans for Teaching Drone Flying 15. Blueprints of a Drone invention that will dominate the family consumer market! And of course connections to actually build it! Ninja Toys.pptx
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    Hi Paul, the uart1 is the same port that goes to the receiver, so you have to unplug the receiver to access the ISP interface. We can successfully reprogram the CG035 but we can't undo the damage caused by a bad flash from the VAST software. AOSENMA have done something to prevent people copying their code, and I think it looks for a serial in the CPU and won't work unless that is present, and every CG035 has a different one. If you backed up your configuration before you flashed it, it can be unbricked, but only if backed up first, since your code is unique to your CG035. It's a copy protection system. The manufacturer has advised that we can write new software for the CG035 ourselves if we wish, and has confirmed that the uart1 is how they reprogram their quads as well, but they won't give us the software to fix it. It's a shame. Some others are still trying to get the software out of them. So if anyone wants to try updating their firmware, the first step should ALWAYS be to back up the existing firmware first using the ISP, then flash using the VAST software, then back up the new firmware if successful also using the ISP and save these backup files. We're still looking for a solution for everyone. In the mean time, they are selling new boards for around $80 or so. Which might explain why they aren't too keen on helping us solve the problem since the boards are worth about $20.
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    Hello! I have recently received my patent for a unique, practical, and very effective personal cooling device I am calling the Cool body fan. I believe it would be best to utilize a drone propeller, motor, and battery, and have a variable speed knob as well. I am seeking references to exactly what parts may be best to use. The Constraints and attributes needed for the system are as follows: ---The propeller must be 6" to 7" in diameter. ---The more quiet the propeller is, the better. ---The more quiet the motor is, the better. ---Between the motor, propeller, and battery, I only need it to blow about as much air as the Ryobi fan (picture attached). ---I would like a run time of at-least 4 hours on one charge. I wont bother breaking down the design of the Cool Body Fan, but these attributes should be enough to go by. Please feel free to provide any input or references that may be helpful. Ideally I'd like to find a specific part on the market for each component that people have recommended me and buy these for my third prototype. Also, is it possible to simply wire a knob between a drone motor and battery to act as a speed dial? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you very much!
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    Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Motors are made for FPV Racing drone. Each quadcopter motor has been carefully balanced and tested in the factory. Tattu 2305 2450KV motors are mainly suitable for 180-250mm quadcopter frame, the compatible propeller sizes are 5040 / 5045 two-blade or three-blade propeller, they made for FPV Racing drone. This is an interesting motor as a first entry as it bucks a few of the current trends in the dominant motors on the market. Review: The stator size is right in the middle at 2305, a bit smaller than the popular large motors, and a bit larger than the popular small motors. The weight is right in the middle as well, coming in at just under 30g. This seems to be a motor of the middle ground on just about every front, with a fairly large air gap, square magnets, and multi-strand windings. The shaft is retained with a c-clip, but it does retain the stronger single-piece hollow shaft design. The machining quality and smoothness of this motor are top notch, with excellent finishing and no play. Results The results here are reflective of the middle ground this motor seems to occupy; very solid performance, especially for the smaller stator size and conservative kV. The kV tested a tad lower than advertised coming in around 2390kv. One of the most noticable things about these results is the relatively flat performance across the range of props, only showing about 100g difference between the lighter 5″ props and the heaviest 5″ props. This is indicative of the larger air gap and shorter stator, where the lower torque loaded props respond well to the kV and the heavier loaded props bog the motor down a bit. That being said the performance here is very comfortably in the middle range, easily clearling 1300g on the mid to heavy load props, and staying around the 1200g mark even on the light props. It is also interesting to note that this motor barely got out of the low 30A range even on the heaviest props. It seems clear this motor was targeted towards that middle space of the average user, a pilot looking for a mid-weight motor that is usable on a broad range of props and a broad range of flying styles without being over-powered or killing the battery. This seems to have it the nail on the head for a general use, broad application motor that just about any pilot can find a use for. Tattu 2305 2450kv Test Full Results Tested KV: 2390kv Weight: 29.7g Stator W: 23mm Stator H: 5mm Test Environment: XRotor 40A ESC Timing: Med-high Dither: 7 PWM: Damped Light Venom 60A Power Supply 2Farad Caps x2 in Series Custom Datalogger TI TivaC Launchpad Allegro ACS758-200B Voltage Divider EagleTree eRPM Sensor Custom Thrust Stand w/ HX711 4 ms logging rate Atmospheric Data (Typical) Barometric pressure: 29-30 in Ambient Temperature: 70-74 deg F Humidity: 50-60%
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    Yep! Completely agree with you, though at first gaze, drones seem to be a futuristic technology, in some countries, they are widely used not only for making professional aerial footage. Very soon, drones will change our world. Right now, they are wisely used by armies, firefighters, rescue crews, etc. As for the delivering of packages by drones, I heard that very soon, the drone delivery will be real in Dubai. I read this information in this article https://www.aeromotus.com/news/drone-delivery-in-dubai-myth-or-reality/ I think it will really be great, when you order anything online, you will have a chane to get your package almost immediately. Hope to see this technology in my country soon!
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    Hi All, I'm making progress on unbricking - Have managed to get the bootloader working - but I don't have a copy of the binary firmware. If anyone has it, please contact me and send me a copy - Anyway, to help others who have bricked their controllers, and can't get them to recognize.... And to help those upgrading to make a backup first. First, the reset button you might have heard about doesn't help much and won't do anything about a firmware failure - the reset switch just goes to a general input on the processor. The true boot selector is the two pins at the back of the PCB, although most probably just have two holes where the pins go. There should be around 3.3v difference between the two - The negative side is a pulldown to BOOT0 on the processor. Solder two pins in here and install a jumper, or just short them together for a second or so while you insert the battery. At this point, the processor will go into BOOTLOADER mode. Remove the UART1 cable from the main board ( it's the one that goes to the receiver ) - If you do this, then make a plug to go into it, and break it out to GND, TXD and RXD. The pins are 5v tolerant. Now connect this to a TTL uart interface ( you can get them on Ebay - About $5 each or so... Plug into USB ). - Then download the ISP programmer from http://gd32mcu.21ic.com/en/index It's the Gigadevice ISP programmer ( In System Programmer ) - Yes, they often use a strange serial port. We're not using it. It's OK. Now... Power up the quad in BOOTLOADER mode. The lights underneath will flash slowly and it will make a slow beeping sound. Connect the UART cable to UART1 as per above. Run the ISP software. Select the serial port that was assigned to the USB uart adapter ( or whatever serial port you're using ). Connect... It should recognize the chip immediately and tell you it's ID, then will tell you that it's not write or read protected. THEN go to the next page... UPLOAD ( from quad down to you ) a COPY of the existing firmware from the device ( if it's good ) before reflashing. Even upload the bad one and store it with a suitable filename if it's bad. Once you've made backup copies in both .HEX and .BIN ( make both for convenience later ) - then get a copy from a good quad with the same board revision, and DOWNLOAD it to your quad. You can also restore an earlier version. This is the ONLY known way to unbrick your quad. Oh yeah, if you used a jumper instead of just shorting the pins on power-up, then remember to remove it before resetting, or you won't realize why nothing is working. Interesting note: You can set a serial terminal program to 115200 baud and watch the output from the quad when it starts up. It will tell you what's going on. Hope this helps someone else - I'm still looking for a backup copy for firmware for the 1.1version board, so if anyone makes a good backup, and can supply it, please let me know. David.
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    So you re-flashed it and you are good to go?
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    Hi all, I have done several test for this project on my own would like to share here. This project was for just fun please no offend. Cc3d + ppm + ezgui Bluetooth + bmp180 + hmc5883l + op gps iNav has really been surprised for me since cleanflight. On my test all sensor was working well with all cheap module China. I learn from basic start from OpenPilot then move to cleanflight and iNav. I'm very satisfied with inav for my aerial flight. Some folk even use better sensor to get best results *4me just 4 fun and it's working * This setup still can be accepted but do not compare with apm/naza fc. First setup test for barometer bmp180 and it's working well then with magnometer then GPS all sensor really acceptable for me. I have done for barometer hold and GPS hold its really fun. Try it...... Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    I'm new to this. Mine did the same thing. Crashes to the left before you can set the trim. HELP. You mentioned the blade guards. The PDF I downloaded says A & B but the enclosed manual says there is no difference now and can be installed universal. Also I can't get the sun screen to open and I'm afraid I'll break it trying. I did a web search to see if there was a way to reset the controller and or drone to factory settings but couldn't find any helpful info. Does anyone out there have any solutions other than sending it back to QVC ? I was expecting to really have some fun but this is getting frustrating.
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    It seems from the info I have found online and at a local RC Hobby shop that I register once and pay the fee - $5 - per year which you pay $15 for a 3 year period. I was also confused and thought that each drone/quadcopter/helicopter/airplane between .55 and 55 lbs. would have to each have their own separate registered number. After checking in the places I stated, I found out I register once, get one number, and use that one number for each "overweight" lol aircraft that fits in the range previously stated. If anyone has anything different, please post. Thanks.
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    I paid 369.00 for it on December 18 I will sell for $300.00
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    Hi, I finally received the quadcopter on Christmas eve. I would like to thank you for the info. I would like to caution all who buy a quadcopter. Mini Orion. It worked great the first day. Then the second day it went wacko. Tried everything in the manual to correct the problem. When the transmitter was adjusted to that the blades would start spinning, the copter took off without increasing power, went sideways was crashed before I could even make any adjustments. I am going to be returning it. I even tried replacing the blades, being careful to get the correct A or B blade where it was supposed to go.
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    They gave me a tracking number and all it shows is that it has been shipped. I have contacted them twice and they said their info shows it shipped and I should be receiving it. I received an email after my second enquiry on the 16th of this month asking if I would wait 7 to 10 additional business days. I will comply. I hope it makes it by Christmas. Thanks for your reply, Admin.
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    Hi BobsEdge, thanks for joining! I bought this protocol mini. I also have a few mini helis I play around with.
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