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  2. Staying alive as a small company in an emerging industry is always a challenge – so organizations that have made it for 10 years or more, growing along the way, are always worth looking at. Success isn’t always a straight path, and it takes flexibility and a determination to get things done to survive. NH-based […] The post Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Argen Tech on Building a Drone Business, Step by Step appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  3. French tech company Thales, Drones-Center and ZenT have teamed up to demo a hydrogen-powered drone. Organized to test industrial and operational feasibility, the demonstration is another in a growing number of drone projects using hydrogen cells to extend flight time. “Drones used in professional applications need to combine operational efficiency with the highest levels of […] The post European Consortium Tests Long-flying Hydrogen-cell Drones appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
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  5. Noise is something that most drone manufacturers try to minimize: but a new USPTO patent application from Sony proposes using drones for noise cancellation. Founders Legal has reviewed the patent, which would use networked drones carrying audio equipment to create quiet spaces. From the patent: “In certain situations of open areas (for example, restaurants, party […] The post Here’s a Cool Ideas: Sony Patents Drones for Noise Cancellation appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  6. We’re constantly finding and featuring new U.S.-based drone manufacturers. While this list is by no means comprehensive, we will keep updating as new companies grow in the U.S. market. Part I of this list was originally published in April, 2021, as 5 Commercial Drones Made in the U.S. Please see our original article for more […] The post U.S.-Based Drone Manufacturers: Check Out Our Updated List! appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  7. A Pittsburgh-based drone company has received the FAA’s blessing to use drones to disinfect public venues. The federal agency granted a “137” certification for AERAS Drone Disinfectant Solutions, allowing the company to sanitize sports and entertainment venues such as stadiums or concert arenas against COVID and other viral pathogens. The special certification is usually reserved […] The post Drones Take Flight to Disinfect Sports, Entertainment Venues appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  8. As the hometown of the Wright Brothers, Dayton, Ohio sports a rich tradition in aviation history. So, it’s no surprise the Gem City is making history again in unmanned aviation. Last week, Sinclair Community College awarded its first-ever bachelor’s degrees in Unmanned Aerial Systems. Samuel Bryan and Preston Moore hope to leverage their degrees to […] The post Ohio Community College Awards First-ever Drone Bachelor’s Degree appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  9. Recently published European drone regulations provide operations- and risk-based rules for drone operations. Here, former EASA Pincipal Advisor explains the European regulatory system: and gives an update on the new developments on the horizon. Drone Life – Drones are Flying High in Europe! By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi, Guest Contributor European drones are flying high, as […] The post European Drone Regulations: EASA Basic Regulation, and What’s Next appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  10. This week, Royal Mail drone delivery takes a step forward with the first trial autonomous, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone flights between the UK mainland and an island, as they deliver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), COVID testing kits and other mail to the Isles of Scilly. The pandemic has given the project an […] The post Royal Mail Drone Delivery: Inter-Island Parcel Deliveries Across the Scillies appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  11. Tomorrow, May 12, 2021, the U.S. Congress meets to discuss the American Security Drone Act. (See text of the bill at the link.) The American Security Drone Act is a “Bill To ban the Federal procurement of certain drones and other unmanned aircraft systems, and for other purposes,” – specifically, to ban federal procurement (with […] The post Tomorrow, Congress Meets to Discuss the American Security Drone Act. Here’s What You Need to Know. appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  12. Leading drone advocacy group AUVSI has spoken out against avigation easements, saying that a “drone toll” model is a “poison pill” for the industry. So-called avigation easements would allow state and local governments to create drone toll lanes in the sky. Not only does this threaten to create a complex and costly system for commercial […] The post No “Drone Toll Lanes”: AUVSI Speaks Out Over Avigation Easements appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  13. Zipline has expanded service in Nigeria, partnering with Cross River State to distribute vaccines, medicines, and blood products to more than 1,000 facilities statewide. This partnership is the second for Zipline in Nigeria, following a February agreement with Kaduna state. Zipline has been a leader in medical drone delivery on the African continent, establishing the […] The post Zipline in Nigeria: Cross River State Partners for Medical Drone Delivery of Vaccines, Medicine, and Blood Supplies appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  14. Skydio has set new standards in autonomy for drones. That autonomy has proven a game-changer for the public safety sector and other commercial enterprises, making it easier than ever to fly safely and accurately. Will Skydio’s new product be a breakthrough for enterprise companies in autonomous inspection? Find out June 22nd, 2021 at 9:00 AM […] The post Autonomous Inspection: Skydio Reveals Breakthrough Advancements in Airborne AI appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
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  16. Drone Express and Kroger begin testing drone grocery delivery in a pilot program – part of the retailer’s goal of providing customers with “anything, anytime, anywhere,” says a company press release. The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) and Drone Express, a division of TELEGRID Technologies, Inc., will offer package delivery near the Kroger Marketplace in Centerville, […] The post Kroger, Drone Express Begin New Drone Grocery Delivery Program appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  17. A new partnership between Asylon and Boston Dynamics combines airborne and ground-based drones for the ultimate robotic security system. PA-based Asylon has developed an industry-leading, fully automated drone solution for perimeter security. Now, through the partnership with robotic research and development company Boston Dynamics, they’ll add a “DroneDog” – the Boston Dynamics unmanned ground vehicle […] The post Asylon and Boston Dynamics Partner on Robotic Security Platform that Combines Air and Ground-based Drones appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  18. Many drone companies trying to pinpoint their marketing efforts have asked how drones are used on jobsites. Now, the latest report from Drone Industry Insights (DRONEII) has the answer: from surveying to security, the Drone Application Report 2021 lists 237 different commercial application examples. Some companies focus on sectors: public safety, energy, or construction. It’s an […] The post How are Drones Used on Jobsites? From DRONEII – These are the Top Commercial Applications appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  19. The FAA and AUVSI will co-host the FAA UAS Symposium again this year, at two information packed sessions held in June and September. Mark your calendars for Episodes III and IV, June 9-10, 2021, and September 14-15, 2021. Register now for the opportunity to hear from industry experts and U.S. and international aviation authorities on the topics […] The post The FAA UAS Symposium: Mark Your Calendars! appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  20. As the first part of AUVSI Xponential gets underway, the applications have been evaluated. At the AUVSI Xcellence Awards Swoop Aero has been named a finalist for their humanitarian drone missions for the third year in a row. “The AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards celebrates the achievements of individuals and organisations who have applied unmanned systems technology […] The post AUVSI Xcellence Awards: Swoop Aero Named Finalist for Humanitarian Drone Missions appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  21. The Canadian drone industry is thriving – and regulations are moving forward rapidly. Dawn Zoldi gets an inside view from Glenn Lynch, CEO of Volatus Aerospace, on how those regulations are developing and what’s coming next. Take Off in the Great White North! By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi, Guest Contributor Canadian drones are really taking off. […] The post Canadian Drone Industry is Taking Off: An Insider View of Canada’s Regulations and New Developments appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  22. In this week’s public safety column, Steve Rhode writes about what’s most important in developing a safety culture in the drone industry. Pilots: know the FAA flight rules, and police yourselves. The following is one of a biweekly series on public safety drone issues by Steve Rhode, Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and […] The post Know FAA Flight Rules and Police Yourself: Steve Rhode’s Public Safety Drone Column appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  23. At today’s AUVSI XPONENTIAL Virtual Conference, the Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) and DRONERESPONDERS is making an announcement that could save lives all over the world. Emergency response remote pilots, their equipment, and public safety UAS programs will be listed together in a geo-referenced database to enable disaster management teams to find the resources they […] The post AIRT Building World’s Largest Air Force of Emergency Response Remote Pilots and Drones appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  24. Don’t Miss: Women in Advanced Air Mobility, May 20th, 2021 It’s no secret that women are under-represented in the aerospace industry: but the drone industry has a lot to offer women interested in a professional career. “Now, Wisk Aero, Women and Drones, and the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium in collaboration with 20 other organizations, […] The post Women in Advanced Air Mobility: Building a New Industry appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  25. A major news announcement from US drone maker Skydio introduces the Skydio Cloud: and says the highly anticipated X2 is shipping now. Skydio X2 Shipping Now “Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology, today announced it is now shipping Skydio X2 drones with dual color/thermal sensors to defense, public […] The post Skydio X2 Shipping Now – and Introducing Skydio Cloud appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  26. A drone safety management system (SMS) is critical to building a culture of safety in the organization. Safety expert Fred Roggero explains how to develop an effective SMS. Don’t Fly Blind – The Four Pillars of Safety Management By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Guest Contributor) A solid Safety Management System (SMS) will drive an organization’s safety […] The post Building a Drone Safety Management System: The Four Pillars appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  27. Drone logistics and delivery expert Wing helped local troops deliver Girl Scout Cookies by drone this spring. Delivering in Christianburg, VA as part of the FAA Integration Pilot Program and now the BEYOND program, Wing has made extraordinary efforts to work with the community of Christianburg, VA. As a result, new research from VA Tech […] The post Girl Scout Cookies by Drone: Wing Helps Local Troop Deliver [VIDEO] appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  28. By: Dawn M.K Zoldi The buzz around drone swarms, multiple unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) capable of coordinating their actions to accomplish shared objectives, has created a bad image in the minds of many. “Swarm” has a negative connotation, evoking images of killer bees, hornets and other things that sting, hurt and, in some cases, kill. […] The post Drone Swarms: the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
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