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  2. Webinar: PPK for UAV Photogrammetry, THE optimal workflow to reduce GCP and maximize ROI – featuring DJI Phantom 4 RTK. Register here to attend this free webinar on July 1st, at 11:00 am EST in the U.S., 17:00 CEST (UTC+2) to join SBG Systems as they announce new features of their flagship INS/GNSS PPK software, Qinertia. […] The post PPK for UAV Photogrammetry: the Optimal Workflow to Reduce GCP [Webinar] appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  3. Transcend VTOL Aircraft is Transcending City-to-City Travel Models By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi Sick of the current airline model, where you have to leave your house at least 3 hours earlier than your flight, wait around for what seems like an eternity on both ends of your flight, only to experience yet another painful wait plus […] The post Transcend VTOL Aircraft is Changing the Status Quo: City to City Transportation that Works appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  4. Walmart drone delivery has moved forward, as Walmart announces a significant strategic investment in drone service provider DroneUp. The decision indicates a major move in the race between retailers to dominate last mile delivery. “Conducting drone deliveries at scale is within reach. DroneUp’s expertise, combined with our retail footprint and proven history of logistics innovation, […] The post Walmart Drone Delivery: Investment in DroneUp Could Change the Race to Dominate the Last Mile appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  5. So at the end of each summer drone flying season what is the best suggested battery charge level for safe storage. I saw some where that you should only charge your lithium polymer drone batteries to about the 50% level to avoid any possible expanding damage. Is that correct. I had fully charged my Eachine EX4 2 batteries at the end of last year's season, and they both expanded a lot and pushed off the case cover. Okay thanks.
  6. One of the world’s largest drone-racing leagues is soaring into a new season with some high-flying innovations. The Drone Champions League today announced the launch of its 2021 season with a hybrid of virtual and in-person drone racing. Offering break-neck speeds of up to 99 mph, the races will span seven venues around the world […] The post DCL Soars into 2021 Drone Racing Season with Hybrid Matches appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  7. The UK Catapult Project shows a path for wide-scale drone adoption, as participant Wing explains: demonstrating safe, scalable, and secure management of drone traffic – using Network ID. Wing’s blog post announces the publication of results for the six month simulation project: and makes clear their support of the U.K.’s philosophy on Unmanned Traffic Management […] The post UK Catapult Project: Wing on Network ID and “an Open Access Drone Traffic Management System” appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  8. Volatus Aerospace has been granted a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) to perform BVLOS flight in Canada. Transport Canada has approved Volatus BVLOS ops in six locations across Canada, giving the company the opportunity to demonstrate advance drone operations across the country. Transport Canada is rapidly developing drone regulations: and long distance operations beyond visual line […] The post BVLOS Flight in Canada: Volatus Granted SFOC to Fly Across the Country appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  9. In this week’s column – flying under a public safety COA, the real boundaries of VLOS flight, and the issues of airworthiness and drones. The following is one of a biweekly serieson public safety drone issues by Steve Rhode, Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and the North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy, and […] The post The Drone Niche is in a State of Flux: Steve Rhode’s Public Safety Column appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  10. EHang sets up aerial emergency channels, dispatching advanced aerial vehicles (AAVs) and passenger drones for coronavirus response in Guangdong, China. “Since the beginning of the recent coronavirus resurgence in China’s Guangdong Province, EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or the “Company”) has stepped up as a first-responder and leveraged its autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology […] The post EHang Dispatches AAVs, Passenger Drones for Coronavirus Response [VIDEO] appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  11. Attention, drone operators: the NASA UAS Safety Reporting System is open: and you can volunteer information guaranteed to be kept confidential, and not to get you into trouble with the FAA. It’s Voluntary – But You Should Do It The NASA UAS Safety Reporting System is part of NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS). “The […] The post Drone Operators: NASA UAS Safety Reporting System is Open, Confidential and Nonpunitive appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  12. Game changing technology for a critical mission in healthcare: drones for organ transplants are proving their worth. “MissionGO, a leader in unmanned aircraft solutions that is transforming logistics; LifeSource, the organ procurement organization (OPO) serving the upper Midwest; and Mercy Hospital, part of the Allina Health system, today announced the first-ever test flight carrying a human pancreas via […] The post Drones for Organ Transplants: MissionGO and AlarisPro Transport First Human Pancreas via UAV appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  13. Last week’s virtual FAA UAS Symposium, a joint event sponsored by AUVSI and the FAA, featured a wide range of speakers from the regulatory and drone communities. In “Perspectives from Capitol Hill”, Rep. Rick Larson, Chair of the House Aviation Sub Committee, explained how law makers approach the complex issues of drone integration into the […] The post FAA UAS Symposium: Rep. Rick Larson and “Perspectives from Capitol Hill” on Drone Integration appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  14. At last week’s UAS Symposium, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson delivered a keynote address outlining the progress that the FAA has made in delivering drone rules: Ops Over People, Ops Over Moving Vehicles, Remote ID. Dickson also had very good news about the next big step in drone regulation, announcing a new ARC for BVLOS flight. […] The post FAA Admin Steve Dickson Announces New ARC for BVLOS Flight appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
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  16. Visions of autonomous, passenger drones flitting across futuristic cityscapes are still riding a fine line between reality and sci-fi. However, with companies such as EHang and Sikorsky leading the charge, that future may be closer than we think; but the first, aerial baby steps towards a real-world, air taxi service will likely take the form […] The post Joby Aviation Inks Major Deal to Snag Parking Spots for Urban Air Taxis appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  17. The new Measure and Parrot integration: Ground Control with ANAFI drone platforms enables a simplified end-to-end solution, which the companies say will help enterprise drone fleets scale rapidly. Measure has seen some big changes: the company was recently acquired by AgEagle™ Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) (“AgEagle” or the “Company”), and Measure’s Brandon Declet Torres […] The post Measure and Parrot Integration: Measure Ground Control and Parrot ANAFI Drones appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  18. Zenith AeroTech has flown it’s heavy lift tethered drone, the Quad 8 multi-rotor, for more than 108 hours of continuous flight. Zenith AeroTech is a leading developer of heavy-lift tethered aerial vehicles, known as TAVs. Tethered drones are ideal for persistent surveillance applications, where both flight endurance and the ability to hover in one place are […] The post Heavy Lift Tethered Drone Flies for a Week: Zenith AeroTech Celebrates 108 Hours of Uninterrupted Flight appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  19. USA based LightWare LiDAR has announced the world’s smallest, lightest microLiDAR: the new SF45. Lightware says that the SF45 microLiDAR could provide drones with the “eyes” they need to see obstacles and navigate safely beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS.) LightWare LiDAR “is taking autonomous machines to a whole new level by making them as invincible […] The post The World’s Smallest microLiDAR Could Give Drones the Eyes They Need to See Obstacles appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  20. Urban Air Mobility in Latin America is taking off – and with it comes the opportunity to revolutionize transportation and leapfrog traditional cost per mile transportation infrastructure. By: Dawn Zoldi When most people talk about Urban Air Mobility (AAM), they focus on the aircraft. At last count, the Vertical Flight Society’s electric vertical take off […] The post Urban Air Mobility in Latin America: a Mobility Revolution appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  21. NUAIR and New York UAS Test Site are demonstrating a path for safe drone operations over people: the newest collaboration with Workhorse and Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions (AVSS) is the 5th drone parachute validation for NUAIR, enabling scalable and economically viable advanced unmanned aircraft operations. FAA regulations for drone operations over people call for operators to […] The post NUAIR Leads the Way for Safe Drone Operations Over People: Workhorse and AVSS Collaboration appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  22. New BVLOS rules, autonomous flights at scale among industry’s biggest challenges, says new AgEagle CEO and industry veteran Brandon Torres Declet in this DRONELIFE exclusive interview. By Jim Magill Members from all segments of the drone industry should work together in concert with regulators to help craft rules to usher in the next phase of […] The post AgEagle CEO on the Biggest Challenges for the Drone Industry Right Now appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  23. EHang 216 AAV Conducted Trial Flights in Japan EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or the “Company”) has announced that the EHang 216, the company’s flagship model, has been tested successfully in Japan. The successful unmanned and autonomous trial served to “showcase safe, autonomous, eco-friendly urban air mobility (“UAM”) solutions,” says an EHang press release. The test […] The post EHang Takes Flight in Japan: Passenger Drones, Flying Cars by 2023 [VIDEO] appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  24. Australian drone regulations are developing rapidly, as a newly published policy statement on emerging aviation technologies outlines. For more on international drone regulations, see our recent updates on regulations in Canada and Latin America. Drones Looking Up, Down Under! By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi Hot off the presses, on May 6, 2021, Australia’s’ Department of Infrastructure, […] The post Australian Drone Regulations: Things are Looking Up Down Under appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  25. A new partnership between Autel Robotics and Skyebrowse introduces videogrammetry for thermal mapping: helping first responders perform night-time accident reconstruction, pre-plan for wildfires, and perform swat scouts. The following is a guest post by Gulraiz Khalid, Marketing Director at SkyeBrowse. DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payment for guest posts. In early 2020, SkyeBrowse introduced 3D […] The post Videogrammetry for Thermal Mapping: Game Changing Technology for First Responders appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  26. As summer heats up, experts are expecting another scorching forest-fire season—especially with the added uncertainty fanned by climate change. However, Toledo University is finding new ways to predict forest fires using drone technology. Partnering with European drone LiDAR solution provider Routescene, the university assessed a forest-fire site in the Spanish province of Albacete to study the […] The post Spanish Researchers Deploy Drones to Improve Wildfire Prediction appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
  27. Open source drones are a “key winner” as the drone industry faces global tensions and a “surge of new manufacturers,” DroneAnalyst David Benowitz writes. Well before Part 107 enabled the commercial drone industry in the U.S., open source drones were a significant part of the market. Now, Benowitz says, open source platforms are being boosted […] The post DroneAnalyst: The Rise of Open Source Drones appeared first on DRONELIFE. View the full article
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